February 11, 2013 posted by Robin Oozor

Arsenal V Sunderland: Has Bacary Sagna got his groove back?


I’ve got my groove back baby!!!

Question: So how was Sagna’s performance against Sunderland?
Answer: It was an on-point ‘somting’ (something)!

Inasmuch as I had my heart in my mouth for most of the 2nd half, the team put up a really decent defensive display, something we haven’t seen from the team in a long time.

As far as most Gunners are concerned, Bacary was the heart of the Arsenal defence. And assisted by the acrobatic saves of Szczesny, the composed defensive covering of Mertesacker, the defensive flexibility of Artets and utility player – Ramsey, Bacary pulled of his role in the middle beautifully.

In the first half, he let some balls get passed him but then again who doesn’t however, the second half saw Bacary give is best performance yet. His blocks were on time, he upset the opposition forwards and midfielders and he cleared the ball as last resort. He fought for balls and stayed in position, everything you’d want from a composed CD. Against Chelsea, he was crap. Gunners on twitter were livid (myself inclusive), we were like – “What the…?!”

Squawka tags Carzola Man of the Match and rates Szczes and Artets higher than Bacary so I’ll take it that he’s a bit of an unsung hero. However you rate him though, I know he made us smile on Saturday and we hope to see more of the same.


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