Jan 23, 2013

Most of us football fans are quite clueless when  it comes to what to wear and how to wear it.

Another issue – Even when we want to get that ‘spruced-up’ look [err… that means a look that’s got swag and style and everything cool in-between], it usually comes with a hefty price; this brings up my beef with some menswear magazines.

As much as I love to read those magazines, they tend to give a somewhat unattainable sense of style which the average guy working at the Tesco till cannot afford and then they tell you it’s for cheap; affordable jackets starting from  around £500 [rolling my eyes here].

Well, I’ve shopped around for the coolest looks and have found substitutes at the best deals. Indeed, my goal is to get my readers ‘spruced’ up. *wink*


Mister Spruce's Men's Style on a budget

Photograph by : Style Salvage

Outfit Run-down: Over-shirt by Robert Geller for Levis – £125, Inner shirt by Wood Wood – £104, Chinos by Uniqlo – £ 19.90, Brogues by Grenson – £195

Mister Spruce’s Style-On-A-Budget below:


Mister Spruce's Men's Style on a budget



1. Men’s Tokyo Laundry Long Sleeved Denim Shirt – £ 21.95

2. Print Shirt by River Island – £ 30 [Visit River Island]

3. Chinos by Brave Soul – £15.95 [I however believe Uniqlo items are of better quality so browse through their stuff just in-case they’re on sale].

4. Ben Sherman Brogues – £ 62.95  OR

5. Suede Brogues by River Island – £48 [Visit River Island]



Arsenal Home Jersey
Photograph by Arsenal.com

1. Arsenal home shirt – Can be purchased at Arsenal.com or cheaper replicas can be purchased at Kitbag.com

2. Arsenal home shorts – Same as above

3. Arsenal home socks – £9.50

4. Arsenal official skill ball – £8.08

5. The football boots can be purchased at Nike.com/Kitbag.com



Photograph from Esquire.co.uk

Outfit Run-down: [Note: Since this photograph was taken at a fashion show in Italy and, the man in the picture is Italian, the suit was most probably handmade. The shoes, the belt and maybe the man himself were also probably hand-made.]


The average Italian hand-made suit costs about £500-£600 [I’m talking about the local market here not Trussardi or Valentino], shoes would cost approximately £150 [If the shoe-maker plans to marry your little sister in the future] and the watch?


The price of the watch *sigh*. You don’t even want to know; you’ll probably have to sell your house, your car and yourself to afford that watch, just my 2 cents.


Mister Spruce’s Style-On-A-Budget below:


Mister Spruce's Style on a budget



Note: I put more than one pair of shoes to create flexible choices.

1. White long-sleeved shirt.

Comon! You should already have a white shirt at this point in your life. And no, I am not going to tell you where to buy a white shirt if you don’t have one, silly.

2. Blue Oxford blazer by River Island – £60

3. Pale blue chinos by River Island – £32

4. Imitation suede brogues by H&M – £30


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Robin Oozor

Written by Robin Oozor

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