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The fact that it rained goals at Leicester on Saturday should take away the lessons we learned in between. It’s our hope that Arsene and the boys are aware of these points even with our win against Claudio’s men.

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Alexis Sanchez seems to have gotten his groove back…




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Sanchez was phenomenal. End of.

He was a bit rusty in the beginning having just returned from the Copa America but one thing we know, despite not not getting the goals, he always seemed to work hard for the team. He tracked back, muscles players out of the way…he showed heart.

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Wenger NEEDS to buy a Defensive Midfielder in January



Wenger made a mistake when he did not buy another DM in the summer. Most Arsenal fans cried out for a DM more than they did for a striker, even our rivals thought we needed a DM more. Now Flamini’s injured and so is Le Coq, so we’re having issues protecting the back four who tend to be a bit shaky most times.


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Arsenal’s defense still needs work


Our defense is still shaky as the back four and the midfield tend to switch off really easily. Steve Bould needs to work on this mentality if Arsene will allow him as there’s got to be some balance in the way the team mentally switch from attack to defense.

I daresay that Leicester played a similar game to ours only that we were the better team and more potent in attack. If we met a team who were more potent than we were, Cech would have smacked someone across the face for all the extra work he’d have to do. Cech was top quality by the way.

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