[dropcap style=”circle” bgcolor=”#dd3333″]G[/dropcap]ood morning Gunners.

First, I want to apologise for not writing in a long while. The writing hiatus was caused by the overwhelming exigencies of work.

I’m done now, I resigned. Had to get my life back.

Second, you might get to see a really stupid betting pop-up on betting when you click on this blog. Please fix in an ad blocker. I’ve talked to my website guru about this but he seems exasperated by this as well, he can’t find what great sorcery is behind this.

*Update: It’s fixed, at least at our end. Let us know if you encounter any annoying betting pop-ups, please*

Third; this should have come first anyway but, anyhow…

The people of England…we are deeply sorry you had to witness and experience what you have in the past 2-3 months. Terribly tragic.

It’s been too many tragedies too soon. The attack at Westminster, the bombing in Manchester, the attack on London Bridge and now, the dreadful Grenfell fire in West London and the Finsbury Park terror attack this morning.

You stick together England! You hear me?!

The small island nation off the coast of Europe; smart enough to colonise half the world, strong enough to help abolish slavery, stick together and be strong.

Rise above this, show the world your true colours. Cyndi Lauper right there

I digress…

Back to the 7 questions, we should be asking the club:

Following their win in the Europa League, a league we’ll get quite familiar with next season if I may add, Jose Mourn-rinho has gone on to say this much:

“There are a lot of poets in football, the poets don’t win many titles…It is the end of a difficult season…we prefer this way than finish fourth…” –The Guardian UK

We all know who he’s talking about.

You know, don’t you?

Yes, I thought so as well.

And with the way we played for most of last season, Wenger putting aside the thought of a director of football along with, as is usual, (we’ve come to expect it so much, Gunners are bored stiff) the potential sale of our best player(s), the one good signing and his stoic approach to not changing tactics till last minute, I can’t help but wonder…

  1. Has the Manager lost the ability to motivate his players to win? To go for the jugular? And has he lost the will to win himself?

Wenger’s actions speak so loud, we cannot hear what he says.

What does he tell the lads before a game, at half time and after a game?

Even players who come in with a drive to win gradually fall into the muck of complacency the whole team seems to be stuck in.

It has to be coming from someplace; somewhere.

And don’t you point fingers only at the Board, or Ivan the Terrible! The Glazers, also American, if I may add, aren’t any better, yet, none can contest Jose Mourn-rinho’s winning mentality, even Roy Keane:

He told ITV: ‘He is not my cup of tea. I found him really irritating when I coached against him, but that is just a personal thing.

‘Working at Manchester United is all about winning and his CV will tell you he is a winner. – Daily Mail

[quote font_size=”20″ color=”#dd3333″ bcolor=”#dd3333″ arrow=”yes” align=”left”]Wenger’s actions speak so loud, we cannot hear what he says.[/quote]When you’ve got the will to win, your players can smell it a mile off. And if they refuse to, you unblock their noses/nostrils by whatever means necessary like Alex Ferguson did.



This first question asked birthed other questions like:

  1. What’s the atmosphere in the dressing room?
  2. Why have Ozil and Sanchez not signed contract extensions? Did lack of ambition play a major role?
  3. Does Bellerin really know what he looks like with that ponytail?
  4. Has our dear Santi Carzola expired? Will Wenger find a proper replacement?
  5. Is Silent Stan in truth silent, or he really just has mumps?
  6. Will we end up like Leeds United? Heaven forbid!
  7. Why is Lukas Perez not playing? Is he homesick? Has he broken something that can’t be fixed?



It makes you wonder sometimes.



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