Maybe the video didn’t tell you enough. If the space above is blank, watch the video here.
This blog was started in a college room somewhere on South road in Durham; Ustinov College to be exact. Then it got revamped in a flat right inside the Ashburton Triangle; yes, we know, you’re ‘purple’ with envy. We had never really seen it done before, Football and Fashion; Sports and the Arts. So, we’re doing it now, here, nowhere else as far as we know.
Mister Spruce is a Football Lifestyle blog with an Arsenal FC bias, please forgive us in advance, old habits die hard.
We’d like that you hang out with us once in a while…okay, we meant a lot, we’d be chuffed to bits if you did.
This is also and opportunity for us to say thank you to everyone who made this college room blog/Ashburton Triangle re-vamp possible.
Special thanks to Ebi Abiyou (R.I.P), Jamie Sanderson (YoungGuns Blog) and Stephanie, Jake Davies (Arsenation), Mike Kinlan, Daniel Cowan (North London Is Red), Dave Seager (1 nil down 2 one up), Peter (Le-grove), Andrew Weber (AFC Blog), BatMandela (Invinciblog), P.I.M.P (Poznan In My Pants) and EPL Takeover; you guys are the fabulous! 

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