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The guys at Football Daily dissect the power agents have a la Jorge Mendez and Mino Raiola. This gist goes on till 4:10 of the video.

The question at 4:11 of the video comes up:

Would you rather have Alexis Sanchez or Sergio Aguero play for your team?

Well, the stats played out here by goals, shots on target, assists and shot conversions.

Though my stats don’t necessarily tally with theirs, this data from Squawka shows that Alexis beat Aguero on every front analysed here. The pretty graph was my idea though *wink*

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This data is based on the 38 games played by Alexis Sanchez and the 31 games played by Sergi Aguero in the English Premier League. This does not include Champion League stats, I repeat, this does not include Champions League stats.

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[ad id=”4736″]The video is just over 20 minutes long so if you’re not willing to waste your bandwidth on the discussion on player agents, just jump to part 4:10.

In summary, last season, Aguero was a poor man’s Sanchez.