I’ve always looked for ways to marry my profession and work experience with football. On the one hand, I’m working towards becoming a football agent and negotiator a’la Sanllehi; my training as a lawyer would do me well here.

On the other hand, I’m using some of the skills I learned from investment bankers, venture capitalists and stockbrokers while working at the Nigerian Stock Exchange. I’m trading on Football Index.

I’ll be using this corner to chronicle and state in detail the sort of trades I’m making. One thing I’ll let you in on is my mantra: Don’t touch markets you know nothing about.

Football Index Tips

First, as I said earlier, I don’t touch markets I know nothing about. This means:

  • I don’t buy players from leagues I know nothing about and,
  • I don’t buy players I know nothing about.

Resting on this, I buy players in this order: Arsenal players, English Premier League players and other players from leagues I watch frequently like the La Liga and Serie A. There’s the rare instance where I’ll buy players that I know who may have moved to an unfamiliar league.

Never buy a player who’s moved to China or the UAE. Dud.

Football Index has all the trappings of a stock market – people spreading rumours so they can get the price low and sell high, pump and dump, hedging, short selling…- so treat it as one.

In Football Index, you can earn dividends on players you purchase based on their performance on match days and on the media buzz (Arsenal players suffer here with the English media ). You can also make money by buying low and selling high. Football Index just partnered with NASDAQ which further reiterates their vision to become a world-class platform.

Here’s a list of my purchases so far:

  • Nathan Ake
  • Ryan Kent – sold when shares started going down. Made a tiny profit of £0.80
  • Rob Holding
  • Lionel Messi
  • Alexandre Lacazette
  • Aaron Ramsey
  • Calum Chambers

Don’t let your emotions get in the way so that when a player is close to retirement or on a long injury you hold, cut your losses quickly.

The Interesting English Player Purchase

Calum Chambers

Calum Chambers for England

Sometimes, you have to trust your gut.

Immediately Koscielny threw his toys out of his pram, I bought Calum Chambers. I saw his determination to prove us and the manager wrong and I felt he’d be given a chance. This paid off.

I purchased 15 shares of Calum Chambers for £0.40 costing a total of £6 or $9.61CAD (Canadian Dollars) two weeks ago. Now, my ‘Holding’ (see what I did there? ) is worth £7.50 or $12.01CAD. That’s a growth of £1.50 in just two weeks. This is better than throwing your money away betting really.

Here’s the thing though, I plan to hold for a while.

This is my strategy for now as there are still games to be played and hope for Chambers to step up to the plate. Those who bought Mohammed Salah (a late bloomer if I might add) in his early years hit gold. From pennies, he’s worth almost £4.90 now.

Have I made some losses? Surely I have!

I’ve lost a few pennies in Nathan Ake and Aaron Ramsey. I’ll be holding on to them though because I believe they’d both shine for their respective teams.

*Note that you cannot hold a share in a player for more than 3 years on Football Index*

There’s this guy on Youtube who’s pretty good at breaking things down but he mostly sells for spreads. You can watch his videos here.

I’ll keep you guys posted.