Hello Gunners.

Yes, I’m still upset by that video done by Copa featuring top Arsenal fans. You cannot say that video doesn’t speak to your heart. You’re not an Arsenal fan if it doesn’t.

So, I’m reading the sports section of Yahoo this morning and they cull a bit of the interview Jose Mourinho gave BT. I think the boss and the Board can take a leaf out of his notepad:

On Manchester United’s objective this season:
Man United has to be in the Champions League. I think that the Champions League is empty when Man United is not there. Imagine the Champions League without Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona. There are a certain numbers of clubs that make it not a Champions League without these clubs. That’s Man United and their natural habitat.

I wouldn’t be happy with just finishing in the top 4. I would be happy with that but plus a greater evolution in the team in terms of our evolved football. Opening the door for in the next couple of years back to winning titles. I don’t like to go to the players and tell them ‘let’s try to finish in the top four’ – let’s try to win every game. We don’t and we know that, especially in this country, at this moment it is impossible for anyone. But to have that as a starting point, let’s go to every game and try to win every game. But I think a big club like we are, we need to have this mentality.

I wonder what the boss tells the team at the start of the season. I wonder what goes through the mind of the players after seeing an apparent lack of intent especially in the transfer dealings.

Can Arsenal boldly tell the players like Jose Mourinho that they’ll win the League? Or does he say “Let’s try to finish top 4?”

You see, it seems Mourinho doesn’t even think it. Top 4?

Nope. He’s in it to win it.

And his every intention shows that.