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No, this is not because we lost miserably to the giant killers – Swansea – yesterday.

Okay, maybe a bit. But not exactly.

I like our Henrik M. (I’ve not gotten round to learning how to spell his name) piece of business and the PEA (I also, haven’t gotten round to learning how to spell his name) as well. But, I’m seeing us lose some of the players we ought to keep for paltry sums or no sums at all.

Cue the potential move of O to the G (Olivier Giroud) to our rivals Chelsea for £15m and this unknown youth –  Marcus McGuane – to Barca on a free. Barca rarely makes mistakes on young talent. Messi, Pedro, Tello, Bellerin, Xavi etc. Hopefully, we’ll tie down our young stars in the making like Nketiah, Reiss and Niles before Barca and City come sniffing.

Now, this news about AS Monaco being interested in Olivier Giroud sounds like music to my ears and I’d rather he moved there than over the train lines to the Chavs. And  I’d sell him for less even, just so that he doesn’t go to our rivals. This is not Abou Diaby we’re selling guys! It’s bloody, steaming Giroud! Scorpion King! GQ model! Our best header goal scorer! How can we even want this French Adonis to connect Eden Hazard’s and Willian’s crosses! Why???!!!

I just needed to rant this morning, so, here I am, up from my writing slumber, ranting.

Have a good day guys.


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