Blimey! I couldn’t believe it was us on that pitch on Saturday! Playing Chelsea like we were rabid dogs; putting the fear of God in them. That’s how it should be guys! That’s how it should be!
Here’s a funny, witty and emotional article from one of the friends of our blog –PoznanInMyPants. Poz as we fondly call him, is an excellent writer and we hope to kidnap him one day so he can write for us at our bidding.
A spirited and dynamic performance, a Lacazette worldie of a goal, and the emphatic Man Of The Match performance of our returned Captain, Laurent Koscielny, saw Arsenal down the Chavs 2-0.
It sets us up mentally for two key matches over the next  two weeks: the FA Cup 4th Round against the resurgent United at the Ems on Friday, and Guardiola’s dominant City at the Etihad the following weekend. Cardiff City is at the Emirates on the Tuesday in between.
I have spent quite a bit of time defending Mustafi this season but, when you see the real deal in action one has to ask one’s self why? Laurent Koscielny doesn’t fuck around. At perhaps only 85% of his best that still makes him 85% world class. Against Chelsea, he was always where he needed to be, always doing what needed doing. And is it just me, or did he recently get very handsome? Like, WWII pilot handsome? Cos I will have his war baby.
I have spent quite a bit of time defending Sokratis this season but when you see the real deal in action, Sokratis plus Laurent Koscielny, one has to ask one’s self why not? I thought he was f*cking great. What an inglorious bastard. Big, fast, bullying. Magnificent.
When you see those two together, well, if we were playing 3 centre-halves at the back I’d pick…