The League has been over for about 3 weeks, however, the season would not be complete without a thorough analysis of the teams; their highs, their lows and some of the players that caused stirs and made huge impacts in within their ranks.

I thought this article did justice to this idea of mine, so, here it is, enjoy and don’t forget to leave your debates and ideas, even if it is to debunk this theory.

English Premier League Review 2011/12 – Team by Team

“By pgedeon89, 1 Jun 2012 pgedeon89 is a Roar Rookie A team-by-team comprehensive review of the English Premier League for 2011/12. This is long, and detailed and features a summary, player of the season for each and prediction for next season of each …”

Player of the season: Yaya Toure

I beg to disagree however with this article’s choice of Yaya Toure being the “it” player for Manchester City. Yes, the big man is almost as much of a big  game player as Drogy (Drogba) but I still believe Aguero’s  goals and David Silva had much to do with Manchester City’s overall success.

Anyhow, the picks the article made were 98% on point so I thought I’d share it and spark up a debate. What do you think?