This article will be short.

I spoke briefly about the Laurent Koscielny problem earlier today. Well, news has reached us that Kos has reached an agreement in principle not with Bordeaux but with Stade Rennais.

French news outlet – RMC Sport – reported this some minutes ago:

One year from the end of his contract, Laurent Koscielny is a coveted player. According to information from RMC Sport, the French has found a contractual agreement with Rennes. A choice of the player of 33 years, despite the forcing of Bordeaux, who wishes to attach the services of the defender.RMC Sport

Koscielny has expressed his wish to end his career in France, and I don’t begrudge him that. I only wonder why he chose to extend his contract for the length of time that he did. The thoughts that come to mind are:

  • What were the terms of Koscielny’s contract?
  • What did the Termination clause say?
  • Did the Termination clause have a notice timeframe?
  • Was there an Indemnity clause? What did it say?

There are so many questions my law student brain is asking because what use is a contract if it’s not enforceable? What is FIFA and the FA doing about players and agents seemingly having all the power these days? I mean, I can’t.

I’m working towards getting my license as a football agent; it’s my way of merging my training as a lawyer with football. BUT I tell you now; if my player’s contract is fair and all of a sudden he/she decides to go on strike, the player can look for another agent.

We may never get our hands on Koscielny’s contract. However, if the attitude he’s taken is without basis and is towards a fair contract, then, I’m thoroughly disappointed.