I cannot but shake my head in disgust. Why Arsenal choose to behave like this consistently is beyond my understanding. Times with number, they act this way, misbehaving, deflating my hopes, dreams and aspirations for them. They play the big teams and trump them, they play the little league and then show no heart, comon!

Queens Park Rangers beat us today not because they were any better but because they showed more enthusiasm. They had more heart. Queens Park Rangers are a club on the verge of relegation and they had that in mind when they played. They put up a fight and won. Arsenal has the habit of relaxing too soon, taking every game after a few consistent wins like a walk in the park. You do not do that! A reason for which I admire Manchester United is that 98% of the time, they go into a match with every intention to win, and see, the facts and results speak for themselves.

Midfielder Adel Taarabt put Queens Park Rangers in front just 22 minutes into the game; imagine! The defence! The defence! I keep telling Wenger, he just does not listen! Now that his prime midfield target Goetz has turned down Arsenal’s offer and signed on for two more years with his present club, I hope Wenger re-directs this money trying to get at least 2 good central defenders.

Arsenal’s midfield is rated an 89 as it is and that’s good enough. A more sturdy defence and a clinical striker combining with Van Persie is what Arsenal needs right now; as it is, Arsenal wasted too many opportunities in front of goal, it happens too often. Alexander Song’s blocks today helped Arsenal in more ways than they can imagine. Despite Arsenal retaining more possession,the defence was always left bare when they pushed men forward. Again, I mention, ‘the defence’.

Queens Park Rangers showed that they could soak up a lot of pressure and convert attacks when given the opportunity, this they did when Diakite slotted home their second goal. Arsenal tried to respond but, nothing. Today I can say QPR had a way better defensive plan than Arsenal, take it or leave it.
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