It’s almost 10pm here in my part of North America aka America’s shy cousin – Canada.

By the time you lot in Europe and Africa read this we’ll be fast asleep, our dreams littered with players Arsenal could have bought but didn’t.


Let’s talk about the good stuff first.

Our new boy – Gabriel Martinelli scored a goal against Colorado Rapids. Martinelli, as well as Bukayo Saka and Olayinka, made the scoresheets. Arsenal’s more experienced players came on towards the end of the game. I mean, there’s no need sacrificing your core players when you’re not even sure you’re bringing in any fresh legs in aye?

Yeah, I’m going all Canadian on you with the ‘aye’? Desperate times I tellz ya.

Across the pond (Europe, Africa and the Middle-East) and in many parts of America, many Arsenal fans signed a petition against Stan Kroenke. The petition got the push from Arsenal influencers like Arseblog, Le-Grove, Gunner’s town, Black Scarf Movement and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon to mention a few.

It’s sad though that it’s come to this. That the fans have to stage a rebellion of some sort to be heard.

I don’t blame Stan Kroenke only. I pass most of the blame to the members of the old board who sold tradition in exchange for money. Money is important, no doubt. But given the history Stan has with teams he’s owned, didn’t anyone bother to do some research?

Make no mistake, this is business but the businesses that thrive most times put people over profit. Arsenal lost its ethos the day the old board sold out.

It’s sad.

As I said, it’s business. If I owned Arsenal, I’d stand for us having to sell before we buy. There no need getting in more bodies if we’re not shifting any players. It’s no use bloating the wage bill and piling on more debt; besides, a business should be self-sufficient. But I’d make sure we have an ethos.

What kind of player should we be buying?

It won’t be just about skill and position but it’d be about character and the willingness to fight. Because we need fighters now more than ever before.

Look at Sp*rs, they have an ethos. They don’t always get it right but you see that they hardly purchased players and, when they did, it was a certain kind of player.

The window is not yet done but the rebellion has begun, and if it does spread to empty seats on matchdays, let it.