Lord Wenger, Duke of Ashburtonshire believes the team have improved on all fronts. I believe so as well.

The defence is more compact, we defend as a team now, 95% of the players remember to fall back, we have Le Coq, life is good.

…we have made progress. We still have some things to do, I am conscious of that, but I am conscious as well that mentally and tactically we are stronger. And the technical quality is not bad

Arsene Wenger however understands that we did not have the best of starts:

We think we have made progress,” the manager said. “We were in a bad position in January. We were seventh and there were not many people predicting we would finish the season like that.

and we didn’t have quality like Chelsea did in every area:

Chelsea surprised everybody this season with the start they had. They had a very balanced team with quality everywhere. I think we have made some ground up at the end of the season. Now it’s about the start.

Let’s hope we start on a better footing next season. With United going to town with their new buys, Chelsea spending even more and goodness know what Citeh would do, our strength would be keeping key players and having a cohesive team.