I’m still reeling from Saturday, really.

Did you at some point during the game against City, ask yourself where these sort of performances had been?

If the lads played with this much heart at the start of the season, surely we would have been top 4 at least!

It’s left for us to do.

We’ve got to chase Europe somehow, either through the FA Cup or through a win against Aston Villa today.

A point behind Sheffield United and Burnley, Arsenal could knick 8th place if the lads show up today. That’ll have us two points behind Spurs who are in 7th place.

Now, Spurs next game is against Crystal Palace, and they could win it. I say this in consideration of the three-goal spanking they gave Leicester City. Anyhow, let’s do our part and hope the universe aligns in our favour somehow. The problem starts if we don’t do the needful.

On to our game with Aston Villa.

Aston Villa vs Arsenal FC

According to SBD, Arsenal are favourites (+115) to win their match against Aston Villa (+225). The fact that we’re tagged favourites doesn’t mean we should rest on our oars. Arsenal will get punished if they do.

The team will need to be wary of Jack Grealish who’s Aston Villa’s top goalscorer and assist provider. There’s also right-winger Anwar El Ghazi. The dude’s Villa’s response to Pépé with 4 goals and 4 assists.

It’ll be important for our team – Arsenal – to know that you do not embrace a drowning man; he’ll pull you down with him.

This is the situation with Aston Villa. Currently sitting 18th on the table, Villa will fight to avoid relegation by all means, any means at all. While Aston Villa are not United (fan referees), Spurs (trickery) or Stoke (rugby players), they will try what they can. I trust they would.

It’s left to the entire team and not just the defence, to show up tomorrow, tough as nails.

On to Aston Villa.