He has decided to stay. Mustafi. At least, that’s what Sky says.

Now, I know most Arsenal fans are upset about this new development but it is what it is. We tried to shift him but our ‘bone’ got no bites.

So! We have to get behind him, mates. At least for the time he’s here.

Remember when we made a case for him with this meme?

Source: The Sun

He’s not all bad, see?

It’s just that his lapses/mistakes can be awe-inspiring. You’re like, what the?!

We’ve got an interesting team this season, and we need to get behind them, including Mustafi. Let’s not boo, let’s not heckle, because, we make him worse and ultimately reduce the market value of a player we so badly want to shift.

When he makes a good pass, let’s cheer. When he makes a tackle, let’s sing his name and when he scores, let’s roar.

Don’t kick a man who’s already down, it’s not the Arsenal way.

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