It’s been a long time. New country, getting a job, reading for exams, moving houses…

It’s been overwhelming, stress pimples and all. So I’m settling into my new flat on Sunday, two days after finally moving in and then the game against Crystal Palace happens.

I’m not sure what that was all about.

Sloppy defending? Yes, but we all know our defence has been nothing much to write home about. It’s taken defending as a team and Leno in goal to save us blushes.


I’m not sure if he’s lost some confidence because he’s not playing as much but, he’s not giving us as much as I believe he can.

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And Shkodran Mustafi? Really, he can’t be our first choice defender. He doesn’t play badly in every game but, he plays badly often.

Özil and Aubameyang did what they were meant to do, with the latter scoring with his trademark strike.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace 2019

Back to Mustafi.

Some humans claiming to be Arsenal fans sent the player and his family death threats. I refuse to believe those keyboard warriors were Arsenal fans. That’s complete rubbish. No matter what the circumstances were, that move was completely uncalled for. And, as much as we all love football, it’s still just a game. There are more important things in life, like God, family, Arsenal…