Those who can imagine anything can create the impossible…

Alexandre Lacazette. The sheer determination of that man with the ball Pepe gave him, I mean, in fact, I can’t begin to express the feelings I felt. My eyes welled up with tears when he scored, and that defiant goal celebration; dear me!

It was then that I knew that Lacazette vied for Thierry Henry’s place in my heart. That goal made my heart squeeze with emotion. It was too much. * Le Sigh *

I purchased Lacazette on Football Index and I haven’t been disappointed. Purchasing a share for £1.32 and seeing his stock rise by almost 15%.

Enough about my love affair with Arsenal’s passionate strikers.

Granit Xhaka.

On his day, he controls the game like an almost world-class midfielder. On his off days, however, like yesterday, he makes the weirdest decisions with his tackles.

I’m not going to blame Leno for the first goal, people make mistakes, and Leno doesn’t make slippery glove mistakes often. But Xhaka? Well, that’s another matter.

Talking about goalies, I wouldn’t be buying shares in goalkeepers anymore as they hardly turn any profit. I’ve made more than 20% loss in my purchase of Lukas Fabianski. Please don’t ask me why I bought him, I’m asking myself the same question.

I like and appreciate how the team fought back, though. It shows that we’ve got a fighting spirit built into our DNA this season; the willingness to keep fighting until the final whistle. When we have this determination, and we finally gel as a team, then anything, my friends, is possible.


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