Of Arsenal’s games this season, Lucas Torreira has only started two – Manchester United and Spurs.

Torreira put on a show for his country – Uruguay – against Peru, winning the match by a goal. Torreira did a fantastic job covering the back four. He not only did an excellent job tackling, but, he distributed the ball efficiently.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, this performance will cause you to pause. Furthermore, this will make you question some of Unai’s tactics and decisions.

Not only has Torreira started few games under Unai, but he is also made to play in a far more advanced role. Preference for Xhaka playing defensive midfield still boggles Gooners. Might I add that Xhaka is slower and less defensively aware?

After witnessing Lucas Torreira’s performance against Peru, here’s what Gooners had to say:


Will Unai listen?