This post will be quite short. It’s 10.30pm here and most of you in West Africa and Europe will be midway through your beauty sleep.

My predictions – check yesterday’s article – came fifty per cent (50%) true. Chelsea lost to hardworking Bournemouth as we predicted and, sadly, by a much bigger margin than I imagined or desired.

Here’s a quote from yesterday’s article:

Chelsea are on a high and will most probably draw or lose to Bournemouth who are looking tidy with their recent acquisitions of Dominic Solanke and Nathaniel Clyne. Football Manager smart purchases I tell you!Mister Spruce

Yes, we’re Nostradamus-ing this part of the season; seriously.

As for the lot down the road, aka Sp*rs, they nearly fulfilled prophecy when Watford shook them up a little before they won the bloody match. Urgh!

Liverpool, on the other hand, drew their match with Leicester. So the title race is still pretty open for Manchester City except, that is, we beat them. Hopefully.

I need a miracle, guys.

With the Premier League being the most unpredictable league n the world where anybody can beat almost anybody, for Arsenal’s sake, we need a fall guy.

So, mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the next big team to fall?


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