We heard yesterday was blue Monday. Please, if you need help getting out of the blue, contact the NHS in the UK or the Canadian Health Services in your province. For my kin in Nigeria, please o, do not attempt to jump into the lagoon. Don’t be ashamed to seek help from professionals at the general hospital or call Inspiration FM; I know Mr Rufai Oseni or Aunt Yolanda of INspiration F< Nigeria help people seeking help.

After our top performance against Chelsea, Lacazette and Koscielny were all over the news and rightly so. Both players gave 150%. The entire team gave 120%. But those two guys definitely gave more.


Also, not many were happy when Lacazette was substituted in the later minutes of the game. So much that this tweet trended a little bit on Twitter:


Hope you felt better after that. 

Laurent Koscielny's Achilles Healed - Poznan In My Pants
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