Netherlands Soccer Champions League

While still trying to get my head around Saturday’s draw, I stumbled upon some comments and articles which, I’d rather leave for you to form an opinion on:

Wenger is an idealist – his strength is that he has a style of play, which when on form, can dismantle a lot of teams.

His main drawback is that when that style comes a cropper, he has no answer. Can’t adapt to changing situations during games. Wants to a play a high pressing game which is susceptible to the counter. Has certain players who don’t fit the style he’s looking for, yet he’s the one who bought them?! Dude is actually so baffling.

In another

“Does Wenger even talk to the players? He doesn’t during the game.”

A lot of the players, past and present, has said that Wenger likes to leave the players to work it out for themselves on the pitch. Fine when you have a balanced and experienced side. Not fine when your team is playing suicidal football and a high line with Mertesacker and Arteta lol


This article led to this comment:

Re: Sanchez. That’s why I said in the summer does Wenger even watch these players when he buys them? Same with Ozil and his body language and prospensity to fade when you want him to grab a game, same with Podolski and his incredibilty limited game. Does he even watch these players properly or does he simply buy on hype these days. Is that how low he’s gone?

I was always a little bit puzzled by the Sanchez signing because I was aware of his limitations, and if Wenger is just realising now then again it just shows how clueless he’s become. It’s like he buys these players and only realises how they play once they show up at the training ground.

In another

It can’t be Shad’s fault because of his track record. Ramsey didn’t play in the week either so you do start to once again look at over training. Wenger may well be going over Shad’s head on the amount of training players should do between matches. Shad once said in an article I read that rest was the most important thing between matches 3 days apart. Wenger is known to train his players very hard so that they are fit in the last 10 minutes of games. You can’t have it both ways. Wenger needs to be more flexible on this issue I think.

Like I said here, I think Wenger’s trying to build something. Some of the points from the comments are valid but let’s give Wenger till 2016, most of you agreed to that in this poll.

No one likes losing and I don’t think Wenger does either. My opinion is that Wenger needs to sort his tactics, training and transfer market options out, while we aka Gunners support, be positive and keep hope alive.

Trust me, if things don’t work out well by 2016, I’ll have his head on a platter garnished with chives and paprika sauce. We need to support the team. Together.

What do YOU think?