Sokratis came out with a statement to Arsenal fans apologising for this mistake against Watford.



I like that he was upfront about it. He maned-up and accepted that maybe his pass could have been better.

Compare that to this one:


Come to think of it, Sokratis isn’t prone to mistakes like this. But the players who are prone to such errors barely offer an apology or look like they learned from the last mistake.

The game, especially the passing, was disjointed, in my opinion.  Our Arsenal identity is almost non-existent now. Xhaka was so drawn out of his position; I’m sure at some point, he thought himself a striker. He did not cover the back four at all. This was Torreira’s game, in my opinion.

When you play away, you need a Kante-esque player who protects the back four with his career, man! You can’t forget yourself. Watford could have scored more; the disorganisation was surreal. It makes me wonder what City could do to us.

I do hope that Unai sorts out his tactical issues because it leaves me thinking he’s not communicating or he’s got, thick-headed players. I also hope he listens to Adrian Clarke’s analysis because it’s spot on.


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