Even the BBC.

And there was a graphic, horrible, illustration of how big this gamble is in one moment of crass stupidity by Luiz that snuffed out Arsenal’s chances in an instant. –BBC

Clap for yourself Phil McNulty. I hope you earned a badge for your insensitive-written-without-thinking paragraph.

I was shook. Sincerely shook I was.

It seemed like we were the only big team to play on Saturday. The news was about how we imploded, how Luiz is a liability, how we were completely decapitated by Liverpool.


Football Media anchor boy, you’re a United fanboy; you should be having sleepless nights about how your club is going to stay midtable this season. Stop acting like a turd, please.

What did we ever do to you, British Media? What?

We play a good match and you barely write a whimper of a report. We lose and yes! you attach like a swarm of bees. Maybe it’s the fickle new breed of Arsenal fans giving you the impetus or maybe a Sp*rs fan has a major stake in your industry.

Frankly, it’s hard to wrap my head around.