One thing I noticed about us internet users today is, except we are reeeeeeally looking to solve a problem or going to make use of valuable information, we are usually too lazy to read a really long post/article. This is one of the reasons this blog tries to keep it short-straight-simple [that is, except we really need to give some team, manager or player a piece of our minds]. We then sometimes add a snippet of a longer post just in-case you are pressed for more info. You can then decide to comeback and constructively dish out your points or arguments.

We try not pass by really cool info-graphics, it makes the reading experience more fun, especially this one which is a bit like a maze; it’s short, mazy and simple. Have fun reading and deciding which sort of fashion blog fits your reading style, all the while hoping that this blog fits yours. Enjoy.

What Men’s Style Blog Should You Be Reading? – Fashion Copious
Complex: Info-graphic: What Men’s Style Blog Should You Be Reading?

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