Arsenal Fans, I Had A Dream, A Very Weird Dream.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

I was with the crew from 90mins and we were arguing about the best Premier League kits and adverts. Obviously, I was wearing the new Arsenal home kit and making my point about how amazing it was.

Then the television came on and West Ham United were unveiling their new signing. The unveiling ad went like this:

Some West Ham United fans one wet morning went to dig up a grave. They get to the casket, open it, and who do we see?

Didier Drogba. Arsenal’s worst nightmare in recent years.

He opens his eyes, much like when the Justice League guys wake up Superman and crap hits the fan.

Drogba single-handedly gets West Ham United to the top of the table by Christmas and then forces West Ham players to take questionable pictures for the club’s Christmas calendar.

In the dream, I watch from a distance with other Arsenal fans and think to myself: Who has a new kit helped win trophies?

Weird. Very weird.

And I wake up worried and rightly so.

Arsenal’s Transfer Window

I haven’t written in a long time because, well, there’s been nothing really to write about. Last season, we didn’t finish on the high we thought we would and I didn’t need/want to add to the negativity already overflowing in the media.

Now that the transfer window is open, there have been rumours and rumours of rumours flying about everywhere. No need to stoke the flames.

But I can’t say that I’m not worried.

Gabriel Martinelli?


But is that what we need right now?


Last season, Arsenal scored the third highest number of goals in the league but shipped in almost twice as much goals as clubs in the top five. In fact, Arsenal leaked more goals than Newcastle who finished 13th on the table.

Imagine if we stopped that leakage.

Sometimes, I think we might run a sinking ship at Arsenal. We aren’t as buoyant/rich as we thought. In other words, we’ve been fed lies for a ‘little bit’ sometime. You can read Swiss Ramble’s analysis of Arsenal’s finances here.

And we have an owner who, to be fair, has run Arsenal like it’s a business. You eat what you kill.

We have also made some questionable decisions like buying Mustafi and inflating Özil’s wages. Now shifting these players is like Santi Carzola trying to hustle Sead Kolasinac or Akinfenwa out of a room; near impossible.

It remains to be seen what becomes of this transfer window. Your guess is nearly as good as mine.