We have now lost four leads in a row. And yes, Wenger needed to leave but, you have to wonder if this happened under Wenger. It’s, however, sort of a black type code among the fanbase not to compare Unai’s tenure to Wenger’s so, I’ll go no further.

Let’s, however, dissect what Unai’s said concerning the team’s inability to hold on to leads.

You’ve lost four leads in a row – how are you going to solve that?

Our objective this evening was also to have a clean sheet because we need to improve defensively, be strong in that moment and we are using each match to achieve that.

We didn’t achieve that this evening but we are going to take the game against Leicester that challenge for us and then in that competition we are scoring a lot of goals and not conceding a lot of goals and we finish that match with only one point but we stay first in the group and prepare the match on Saturday.

Different game, different competition, same objective to win but also improve. Continue being defensively strong and offensively to have also situations tactically to work to achieve chances then and with that possibility it is important to prepare thinking about this victory in Leicester. – Football.London

First off, I understand that English isn’t his strong suit but, sometimes, his interview transcripts can be confusing (Although the Arsenal.com website cleaned it up a little). You never quite get what he’s trying to say, and I think this translates during training. The team doesn’t seem to know what he expects of them.

There were tweets making rounds saying Unai mentioned that we played well in his press conference. Well, I haven’t found that statement in the interview on the club page.

Anyway, in the first part of his answer to the question of conceding goals, he admits that the team need to improve defensively. It makes you wonder what’s going on in training. Do we have two attack-minded managers a’la Unai and Ljungberg? 

What’s the defensive training like and why don’t we see improvements? Questions need to be asked.

When Unai mentions that we’re using each match to achieve defensive stability, the results seem to be saying otherwise. Again, questions need to be asked.

Unai also admits in the 2nd paragraph that defensive stability eluded the team. This is correct, but he doesn’t say why? He doesn’t point out what the issue(s) is/are. In the last era, Wenger would at least mention (sometimes) what went wrong with the defence.

In the final paragraph, Unai talks up a victory at Leicester; I find that hard to believe as I worry Leicester would tear us apart.