Arsenal again came undone by their leaking defence. Of the top five teams, Arsenal have won the least games and conceded the second-highest goals.

After we scored, I expected Wolves to score. It was just a matter of how many.

This has become our new normal and it’s sad.

In his press interview, Unai Emery acknowledged Özil’s contribution in the game against Wolves when asked:

Mesut Ozil started today, will he be part of the team more from now on?

He worked, played well and I think he was very positive for us.

But when the more pertinent questions were asked aka why the defence being shambles has become a common theme, I was not satisfied with the answers:

Do you shout at your players for throwing leads away?

Really, we worked very well today in a different tactical situation. We didn’t concede a big transition with big chances, we went 1-0 up, created chances to score the second but we needed more efficiency in that action.

When we were winning 1-0, we knew in one minute they could score and they did. We were controlling the match a lot of times like we prepared when they drew level the match changed again so we started to push and get in their box. We didn’t create really big chances but I think we close to scoring the second goal but didn’t.

The result is a bad result but tactically, I think we worked like we wanted. The players tried, we worked and we have to think about the next match.

Are your instructions understood by your players?

I think they understand, yes.

These aren’t the answers Gooners want I’m sure. They want to know what we’re doing to stop the unnecessary conceding. Why aren’t the team defending as a unit when it is common knowledge that we are weak at the back?

Why has it taken Özil this long to make the starting 11? Even if the intention is to sell him, make use of him while you can.

What must be going through Dani Ceballos’ head? It’s less likely that you keep a player who sees that the coaching staff is sometimes clueless.

Anyway, I digress.

The positives from our match against Wolves?

Özil played and we didn’t concede more than one goal.