It’s become glaring that most of our transfer window problems weren’t Arsene’s Wenger fault. The theme is recurring, so it’s best we point fingers elsewhere.

Here’s where we’re at:

  • Total silence in the transfer window
  • No money or tabling annoying prices for targeted players
  • Waiting until last minute to complete transfer business
  • Inability to shift deadwood

I’d say ‘check’ to all the above points.

It’s reminiscent of when we tried to shift Chamakh, Gibbs, Wilshere, Coquelin, Diaby… And make no mistake, you can only shift what there’s a market for. The question is, however, why do we get players who are sometimes difficult to shift?

Leave Özil alone for a minute. I’m bored stiff hearing all the money problems he’s causing us.

Let’s talk about the German defender – Shkodran Mustafi.


*Video credits: Arsenal HD*

Starting out at Everton FC, he moved several clubs before Arsenal bought him for £36.90m from Valencia. As much as I believe that he’s had a handful of good games for us, he’s left us more bad memories than good. He was a desperate purchase. We were thin at the back and we needed bodies. I’m not sure what the scouts told Arsene about the player but we bought him.

Now, the problem is not so much that we bought him but how much we bought him for. Also, my concern is also how much we’d lose shifting him because, frankly, his value has dipped given the performances we’ve seen.

Could we have bought a cheaper defender? Maybe. But with Arsenal shipping out Sven Mislintat who found players like Guendouzi, Torreira, and diamonds in the rough for Dortmund, it’s hard to see how we can get quality players on the cheap.

Also, Arsenal have been selling players at a loss for a couple of years now, and this brings me back to Mislintat. Bar Sokratis, all the players he signed for us have already given us over 100% return on investment if we sell. Matteo Guendouzi’s worth sits at over £31m and Lucas Torreira’s worth sits at nearly £50m. You’d think we’d put more effort into keeping Mislintat over Özil considering his ability to boost our coffers and probably find us the next Özil.

Recently, dear David Dein mentioned Arsenal’s inability to shift Mustafi and said we’ve tried e.v.e.r.y summer but failed. That tells you two things:

  1. Either his wage demands are too high for his level of talent
  2. Or his level of talent isn’t exactly lip-smacking

The man himself – Shkodran Mustafi – has since removed ‘Arsenal Player’ from his bio and his display image no longer holds one of him in an Arsenal shirt. This may end up a story of a desperate purchase of talent never really quite at the level we needed. And it’s only our pockets taking the hit, no one else’s.