David Luiz has said he’d like to finish his career at Benfica and rumours have it that Barcelona are considering coming in for Gabriel Martinelli. Will Arsenal have any Brazilain players come next season?

It has been nothing but praise for David Luiz. Gabriel Martineli and loanee – Pablo Mari – talk about how David Luiz helped them settle in. 

His name is often synonymous with leadership and hard work at Arsenal. Many players have talked about his effect in the dressing room. It’ll be a sad sight to see him go.

It’s been discovered, according to SKY Sports, that David Luiz was actually on a one year contract and not two years as originally thought. No one is sure whether the club or the player has refused a renewal.

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In an interview with Brazilian Television Network –Spor TV– David Luiz mentioned that he’d like to finish his career at Benfica. Having played there between 2007 and 2011, it seems he holds the club dear to his heart. It was from Benfica that Chelsea snapped him up, and maybe it was at Benfica that he built his character.

I always said that I would like to end my career at Benfica. I love Benfica. My dream is to step on the pitch of Estadio da Luz in their colours.





In other news, it is said that Barcelona are upset that Gabriel Martinelli slipped through their hands. The rumours are that they might be back in for him anytime soon. These, however, remain what they are: rumours.