Arsenal’s management have shocked Arsenal fans with the transfers carried out this summer. With rumours adrift that Arsenal’s transfer business isn’t over yet, the fanbase is singing Raúl Sanllehi’s praises.

Raúl Sanllehi’s Astute Negotiating Skills

I always said that with what Arsenal pays in wages to ‘non-performing’ players, this market has us likely running on a deficit. So, as much as fans get emotional about this, I would understand if we didn’t make any marquee purchases. I wouldn’t run a business like that.

Here, Raúl’s negotiating skills come in.

He reminds me of my early days in Football Manager (FM) where I’d first haggle the price and then pay 5% of the transfer fee upfront. Then, I’d break the remaining payments over 5 years and then have certain payments crystalise when certain milestones were met. Sometimes I sold the player for way more than their initial transfer fee before those milestones — the joys of FM.

I still believe we have a restricted budget this summer. The £45m might be real, and it takes a negotiator extraordinaire to pull this off: Raúl Sanllehi.

He’s handled this expertly and with his recent ‘ballet’ dances around Barcelona’s CEO, here’s hoping he gets us defensive reinforcements. We need that more than Coutinho right now.

Arsenal Fans Singing Raúl’s Praises

Arsenal fans have sung Raúl’s praises since his closing of the Nicolas Pépé deal and rightly so. No one saw it coming, but he did it. Maybe we have our David Dein back, a reincarnation.

Here goes:





My only worry though is that after all this and maybe in a season or two after outstanding signings have whetted our appetites, we remember this window.

When we start dreaming of Kylan Mbappe and it doesn’t happen or when we imagine Lionel Messi retiring at the mighty Arsenal instead of Barca because we have Raúl Sanllehi, let’s remember this window. Before we come upon him like a swarm of bees because he’s human and will not please us every time, let’s remember.