It’s no news that Özil has been frozen out of the first team.

Now to all Özil fans who still fight till the death, I apologise. You’d be blind however not to notice a trend. While there’s no denying that Özil, on his day, is one of the better creative players in the Premier League, 3 managers cannot be all wrong.

There’s been conspiracy theory that Raúl Sanlehi has got a vendetta against Özil. I’m not sure anyone in their right mind would have a vendetta against a top-performing player with wages the size of North London. Try paying top dollar for your brilliant child to go to Oxford, only for them to give you sterling results in one semester and ‘meh’ the next. I assure you, you won’t be a happy camper.

Now, on to the new ‘possible’ number 10; enter EMR- Emile Smith Rowe.

Smith Rowe’s performance with Huddersfield has been more than promising. Huddersfield manager Danny Cowley has had nothing but praise for Smith Rowe. In an interview with Sky, Danny Cowley commended the youngster, saying that Smith Rowe could find space in a telephone box.

This sort of praise speaks volumes as the only other player that they have given a sort of praise is Özil. We have praised özil for his ability to read the game. He’s able to find space and passes no other player can. Well, we’ve got Smith Rowe now.

Even though his experience is not on par with Özil, I’m willing to give the lad a chance, as is Arteta.

Smith Rowe is not averse to going on loan again, as he believes this will help him further improve. Even more so, with Willian and possible Coutinho coming in, playing time will be limited. I’ve always liked the lad’s attitude, and I hope he comes through for Arsenal and Arteta in the future.