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Can Arsene and Sanchez just figure out what it is they both want so we can get this over with?

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It only just stopped raining here in Lagos and the floods in some parts of the city left us thinking some sorcerer had unleashed the ocean barricade blockers surrounding this city island.

Pictures like this:

Flooded Lamborghini in Nigeria Lagos Lekki

The expenses this owner would have to take on though…

It’s like buying an Eduardo and getting a leg break two games in.

Moving on…

Alexis Sanchez.

I remember yesterday, reporting with joy Wenger’s words stating that things were positive with Sanchez‘s stay at the Emirates, only for me to see last night that Sanchez says he wants Champion League football, and we all know we’re not in it this year.

That’s a defiant comment in my opinion.

He’s indirectly saying that he wants to leave.

When Chelsea fell on hard times, Eden Hazard stayed, so did Costa. I think those players are at Sanchez’s level.

And what does he want Pogba and the rest of the over-priced Manure (Manchester United) club players to do? Throw tantrums and demand transfers?

C’mon Sanchez! Behave!

Sky Sports reports:

“I’ve already taken my decision, but now I depend on Arsenal and to see what they want,” Sanchez told Canal 13 in Chile.

My idea is to play in and win the Champions League. It’s a dream that I’ve had since I was small. For now I’m at Arsenal and my contract finishes in another year.” – Sky

The highlights are mine.

Sanchez says it’s been his dream to play Champions League since he was small…

What was he playing while he was in Barcelona? Formula 1?

What did he play in the two years at Arsenal? Asian League?

No disrespect to our Asian readers but I don’t understand anymore.

Admitted he said ‘play in and win’ but does he think the other clubs asking for him can possibly win it except, maybe Bayern Munich? If that’s truly his dream, he’ll be better off sending a come-get-me plea to Barcelona or Madrid or Juve.

Frankly, it’s always been my hope that we would sell for a lot to Inter or AC Milan (those new owners spending is borderline pornographic) and use that to buy someone at par or better.

I know that’s hard to find but, all this veiled talk isn;t good for morale.

Off to ‘organised religion’ church now, I’ll see you when I get back.