Good morning Gunners.

Aaah… yes, I know, the post came in late today, I had to get the kids to school and do other big sister stuff as our mum was a little under the weather.

Now, you might have to read this article from under your office desk if you’re at work. Or you could pretend that you’re crunching the numbers on possible future profits for the company, especially¬†as you’ve been working your arse off to see this happen. #SorryImLate

*Sigh* Work days.

Anyways, the Arsenal boys are in Sydney and have started training:

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Iwobz (Alex Iwobi) seemed to be the only player shown making sublime chips into Emiliano Martinez’s net but I’m sure the rest of the boys got a chance. Lehman also played goalie and nothing went past Cech, at least from the clip showed.

We probably will get some extra clips from Arsenal Fan TV and Football London later in the day. so stay tuned.

*Update* We got a befitting image for this post now.