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Accepted, I was disappointed. Nobody likes to lose…ask Mourinho.

But I feel Fabianski did an excellent job somehow wanting to prove us wrong, you know what I mean? “You sold me, now have that!”

Anyway, I expected a bit more from our forward Giroud, and please, don’t tell me Swansea came to defend; what were they meant to do? Leave their goal open for your strikers to score? C’mon! All that talk about parking the bus is complete bollocks; a team’s got to do what a team’s got to do to win. And if it’s going to win you the title like it did Mourinho, then so be it.

Now, for those who decide that this is the time for the Wenger Out parade to begin, I’ll ask you politely now to pack up your pom-poms, whistles and carnival attires BECAUSE, this is NOT the time. We have United next and the team needs all the support and focus they can get.

I wasn’t too happy with Wenger’s changes though. You see what happens once you take out a disciplined DM a’la Coquelin? We need another DM this summer because I don’t see Coquelin doing 50+ games, he’ll need his rest. I would have brought on Rosicky instead of Wilshere, that guy is a game changer.  The deeds been done though; no need crying over spilled milk.

Let’s hope this loss teaches the team a lesson about the ills of complacency and let every Gunner pitch in and support the team towards the end; they need it. You can shoot Wenger later.


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