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First, before I say anything else, I want to thank Nacho Monreal.


Monreal is bae in my books right now. That clearance was marvellous and the feeling I have right now is reminiscent of the tackle Hector Bellerin gave Pedro in our match last season against Chelsea.

The Defence

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The Defence = Nacho Monreal

Though our defence was caught holding a high-line yet again * rolls eyes *, the dude was everywhere. Of our back three, he was the most alert and most composed. What would our defence have been without our very own Nacho? This doesn’t take away from the fact that Shkodran and Koscielny played reasonably well, especially Shkodran with his attempt to back-heel that corner kick into West Brom’s net. However, it was Nacho that shone. Petr Cech also saved us some blushes.

In summary, the defence did pretty good as West Brom ‘peppered’ our defence and the boys stood their ground.

Now, there were some clear cut chances which West Brom had, and if it was a team like United or Citeh, we would have been a goal or two down. Like the time Jay Rodriguez went down in the box but the ref failed to give a penalty or the time there was that scramble in front of an already beaten Cech.

The Midfield

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The Midfield= Elneny+Kolasinac+Ramsey

Elneny was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e

He was the machine of the team. And though many might view him as an average player, when he plays, you can’t argue that he’s giving you 110% of his supposedly average self… (I’m looking at you Ozil and Xhaka).


The Hulk. The stone wall. The barricade.

We’ve been missing such strength in the team for a while and if we had any strength at all, it was in Alexis and Giroud, and maybe, Chamberlain. I think Wenger will do well to consider strength and fitness when shopping for replacements for Ozil and Alexis. Even in our defence.

Ramsey seemed to do well in his new attacking role, usually a role left to Ozil and or Welbeck. I think he played reasonably well and caused problems for West Brom’s defence on occasion.

The Attack

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The Attack = Lacabooom!

Sorry, Lacazette, it couldn’t be helped.

He seems to be a little bit hit-man in front of goal. And I hope Alexis can learn a thing or two from his calm demeanour and stop throwing tantrums instead and just get on with things.

Alexis played well though he lost some unnecessary balls and misplaced a handful of passes. He got pulled down in West Brom’s box but I forgave the referee because we also did the same at the other end and got off the hook.

Which brings me to the rather annoying pundits on TV who all mentioned Shkodran’s tackle in the box on Rodriguez but they all had ‘selective amnesia’ on Alexis’ pull-down at the other end. And then, when Rambo got the penalty, they started to whine a little. Like, do these guys have a personal vendetta against us or what?

It was a good game to watch though and I’m happy we’ve got three points and a clean sheet.