Last week didn’t feel good. From Torriera not starting to all that back passing…, I’d rather forget that in a hurry. The boys made their predictions and mostly got it right in that; we were going to lose.

We meet the Chavs like I said last week, and though they won their game against Huddersfield, they still don’t look as well oiled as Citeh.

The boys are here and making their predictions this week:

Pick Your Team For Saturday: Chelsea v Arsenal

Sani: This is an away game. Chelsea might not be in the best shape but they won 3-nil, and we haven’t beaten them at Stamford Bridge so there might be a mental block there. I will go for Cech in goal, Bellerin on the right, Sokratis and Mustaphi in the centre, Linchesteiner on the left because I think he did well when he came up against Man-City. He’s a bit more experience though his crossing could use some work but then again, he’s not a left-footer, so he’s excused.

In the centre, I’ll go for Torriera and Xhaka. I know Xhaka had a mediocre game, but I think after one game of the season, everyone’s losing their heads. Remember Xhaka was one of our most improved players in the second half of last season. And considering that he came back late from the World Cup, it’s just one game. You know, if we drop we drop people because they only had one poor game against Man-City, the Champions, then we’re just ridiculous. We are a sixth-place club, and that’s what we should think like for now.

So, I’ll go for a double pivot of Xhaka and Torriera or one pivot of Torreira then Xhaka and Ramsey in the middle. On the wings, I’d play both Ozil and Mkhitaryan. I thought Ozil did very well defensively in the last game. Mkhi I felt hid a lot, but both can improve their game. Then, in the centre, I’ll pick Aubameyang.

So, that’s my team. I wouldn’t, however, be surprised in Lacazette starts with one of Mkhi, Ozil or Ramsey out of the team.

Seun: It’s always difficult going to Stamford Bridge, and it could be a tricky one.

In goal: Petr Cech.

In the back: Linchesteiner on the right with all his experience, Sokratis and Mustaphi in the centre-back and, Nacho Monreal in the left-back position.

In the middle: Torreira in defensive midfield with Aaron Ramsey and Ozil in front of them.

Upfront, Aubameyang on the left and Mkhi on the right and Lacazette in front.

This lineup gives us a quick transition in attack and us attacking from the wings will keep attacking wingbacks like Alonso at bay.

Olu: Petr Cech in goal. I don’t know why fans gave Cech a lot of stick after our match against Man-City, he was one of our better players.

At the back, I’ll start Bellerin in the right-back position, Mustaphi and Sokratis in centre-back positions…I feel scared just saying this. Those guys are nowhere near Arsenal quality; they remind me of Johan Djourou and Squillaci. At left back, I’ll go for Nacho Monreal, thank God he’s back.

In the middle, I’ll go for Xhaka and Torreira. Though I rate Guendouzi, I think this game is too high intensity for him. I’ll put Ramsey in the mix.

For the front three, I’ll play Ozil, Mkhi and Auba.

Player(s) To Watch Out For

Sani: The Bellerin-Alonso battle is what I’m going to watch out for.

Seun: Eden Hazard is the most dangerous player in Chelsea. However, on our side, Aubameyang has pace and can deliver on the counter.

Match Predictions

Sani: At best, we’ll get a draw but I think Chelsea might pick this one. 2-1.

Seun: We lost to Chelsea about 18 months ago and it was at Stamford Bridge. The prior two meetings have been a draw, so I’ll go for a 2-2 draw.

Olu: I think we’ll lose. I don’t believe things will get any better with Chelsea but after this game, things could start to look up.


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