It’s official people, Hector Bellerin has signed a new contract.

Whoop whoop??????

As much as signing new players is very important, I like to think keeping those you already have is also very important as it’s a major key for building stability and team cohesion and I cannot be happier that this Bellerin deal has been done and dusted.

When reports of Barcelona hovering around for the 21 year old Spaniard started to originate, it became imperative that we showed Hector we were serious about keeping him and tie him down to a new contract.

How glad I am that this has been dealt with swiftly.

Bellerin has put pen to paper on a deal worth in the region of £100,000 per week, inclusive of bonuses.

Hector is one of those true bloods we have and it’s important to keep such. Yes, he got signed from Barcelona at a young age but I doubt we want to let this one go back to the Nou Camp any time soon, how amazing to know we still have him for another 6 years.

City tried to sign Bellerin during the summer but Arsenal wouldn’t entertain any offers for their talented right back, who was signed from Barcelona in his teens.

Pep Guardiola was ready to launch another effort to land Bellerin next summer but will now turn his attention elsewhere.

Now that this deal is completed, it’s over to Sanchez and Ozil now. Making those two sign contract extensions has to be top of the management’s list right now.

An agreement for a five-year deal worth in the region of £200,000 per week seems to be all but confirmed for Ozil but getting a deal for Sanchez seems to be taking a little more longer than expected.

We can only hope those deals are sorted out as soon as possible so these players can fully get their attention back to the football and away from off field matters.

Just a reminder to Barcelona and the others, #BellerinIsOurs #BellerinIsAGunner stay away!!!!