Chronicles of the Cannon: Renewed Hope


And for a time there was peace in Arsenalia and within the walls of the palace Emiritia. The palace had not been disturbed by shouts of impending doom from armies afar.  That was until…

(The Knights and the Duke having lunch in the grand hall of the palace Emiratia after combat training)

Lord Artets: Lord Szczesny, I hear-eth that thy old man the Pol threatened to kidnap the Duke’s winter coat because ye did not fight with us against the Swine of Swansea. Hath he not known that ye lay injured in the infirmary?

Lord Szczesny: (red in the face with embarrassment) I beg of thee, let that matter alone. That father of mine put-eth me in tight corners many a-time. I remember when I was but a young lad, he threatened to strangle the wooden doll of the village maiden if she didn’t give me a smooch at the town centre.

(The whole table roared with laughter)

Lord Wilshere: ha ha ha! I wonder what he might say if he was Lord Squilacci’s papa!

Lord Gerv: He’ll threaten to shave the Duke’s head while he sleeps!

Lord Nacho & Lord Santi: Si! Si!

Lord Mert: He vil mek threat to mek Duke tiny like Santi

Lord Wilshere: Oh shatap! You dry, humourless giant of a German!

(The whole table laugh some more)

Lord Bacary: I hear our former brother Judas-is-van Persie has failed to smite a few for the sorcerer Fergy of late.

Lord Artets: He can’t score unless the little boy inside him tells him to, ha ha!

Lord Nacho: El nino pequeno? Que es este nino? (Little boy? What is this little boy?)

Lord Artets: Si Nacho, let me tell you. This man can do nothing except the little boy in his head tells him to. He can’t eat, shower or go to the loo except the little boy tells him to. In fact, when…

(Afobe runs in)

Esquire Afobe: Duke! Duke!

Lord Giroud: What now?

Lord Poldi: What is it this time?

Esquire Afobe: The raiders of Reading are approaching the Emiratia, they are at Canonbury  Word has it that the sorcerer Fergy seeks to employ the services of several rebellious provinces to weaken us once more. He want-est us not to get a chance to enter the tournament for the quest of the Chalice Louise.

(The table falls silent)

Lord Artets: My Duke, what do we do?

Duke Wenger: We wait. Let them come.


And the Duke stationed the boiling tar at Drayton Park to be unleashed on any of the raiders that might creep in through the hills at Aubert Park and Gillespie road. His foot soldiers readied themselves at Hornsey road while the cavalry waited at Tollington. 

And the raiders of Reading approached through Isledon and Seven Sisters road…

Duke Wenger: Knights, noblemen and people of Arsenalia! Today, we fight not for ourselves but for our fallen knights. We fight for the kingdom they left behind and for the memories we have of them.

Today, we fight for Lord Rocastle!

The Army of Arsenalia: For Lord Rocastle!!!

Duke Wenger: Attack!!!

With fire in their bellies, the knights of Arsenalia slew thousands and disembowelled a thousand more. Lord Gervinho, Lord Giroud, Lord Santi and Lord Artets led the massacre of the raiders of Reading. And what was left of them, the army chased as far as Coppetts Wood; hopefully, they’d be strong enough to fight off the ravenous wolves dwelling in the woods.

There as great celebration; they had victory.

Esquire Afobe: My Duke! My Duke! The Sorcerer Fergy has sent word that he has heard of your victory over the raiders of Reading. He say-eth not to rejoice yet as he is as we speak inciting the Wantons of West Bromwich against thee!

Lord Artets: (Lord Artets irritated) Don’t you ever bring good news oh harbinger of woe and terror?!

Lord Gerv: (In Swahili; and no, that is not Gervinho’s native language, I’m just poking at his forehead) Nasema sisi kusafiri kwa West Bromwich/I say we travel to West Bromwich while our spirits are high.

Duke Wenger: What do you say lads?!

All the Knights: (Clanging their swords on their shields) Ahooooooo!!! To waste the wantons of West Bromwich we go!!!

The Duke made sure the Cannons were stationed all around the borders of Arsenalia and the palace Emiratia, ordering Esquires Afobe and Gnarby along with Lords Szczesny, Squilacci, Walcott and Wilshere to stay behind and guard the palace.

The army travelled 5 days before they arrived the borders of West Bromwich. The journey took a bit of a toll on them.

They arrived in time. The army of the wantons of West Brom were about to leave for Arsenalia.

Chief Wanton Clarke: The Knights of Arsenalia approach, annihilate them!!!

The Wantons of West Brom attacked with all their might and it seemed for a while that they might prevail over the journey-tired Knights of Arsenalia until…

Lord Artets: Lord Gervinho! There’s a gap in the wing of the Wantons, you and your men, open it up!

Lord Gerv finds the opening and creates a chasm between the Wanton footsoldiers and shouts to Lord Rosicky

Lord Gerv: Lord Rosicky, smite them all! (And he throws a machete to Lord Rosicky)

Lord Rosicky: (To Lord Gervinho) Mind the gap! (To Wanton-ly Ben Foster) Fatality!!!

And the Duke and his Knights set fire to the Hawthorns so that nothing remained.

Duke WengerBehold from your walls the lands laid waste with fire and sword, booty driven off, the houses set on fire in every direction and smoking..


And Karma visited Sunderlania; she whispered in their benefactor’s ear and he called for the head of the schemer O’Neill. There was great anger among the Sunderlanians that all his scheming to sink the kingdom of Arsenalia had failed. He also pocketed the gold for the services of the minions of Blackburn and the Kaisers of Bayern. The tyrant Di Canio took his place. He came with a whip, a branding iron and a swastika.  They say Karma’s a whore. Indeed she is. *Evil grin*


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