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The transfer window is now shut and its time to talk about who we brought through the doors of the Emirates before it slammed shut. In particular we are considering Mesut “the dream” Özil. For the first time in quite a while Wenger has justified the number of “tops” he puts when he says he is going to buy a player i.e. top, top, top quality.

We had just beat Spukes at home and news from the reliable GeoffArsenal before then was that we were close to a top, top quality German International we would ALL be happy about. What concerned me most in that statement was the “ALL”. We had just been linked to Draxler and for all the quality the 19 year old possesses at £40m+ he was a tad too expensive as we were basically buying potential and with people confused as to whether he had a buy out clause of £40m or not there were rumours Schalke 04 would only sell for close to £50m+.

I was desperate for someone to come in so I was past the stage of caring about how much we spent on a player as long as we got bodies in but, Draxler did not fit Geoff’s description not everyone will be happy, at least I won’t. Reus? Well sure. He’s top quality but still he had pledged his immediate future to Dortmund in the wake Götze’s exit who was his close friend.

There were no other options of German’s that could tickle the collective fancy of Gooners worldwide simultaneously and had been linked to Arsenal except Özil.

The links were becoming hotter and other reliable sources were confirming it, the more it was doing my head in.

Özil? No way.

Of course before I went to bed I saw the downer that PSG and Manchester United were looking into the deal; I became afraid because we’ve been here before. Higuain, Gustavo, etc. however I managed to sleep. We were back on in the morning. He wasn’t coming to England for his medical? I was scared again? At least I wanted a confirmed sighting of him in England going to the Emirates for a medical to reduce my blood pressure.

The medical was to take place in Germany rumors were still rife about hijacks and all that. Everyone was now saying it was done but we were waiting for Arsenal to confirm it and then they did or did they?…

Welcome Viviano. Well that was first up on the site.

Viviano’s signing will go down in Arsenal history as the least recognized signing ever made by Arsenal simply because of Özil but I can bet that if we failed with the German he would be popular but not for the right reasons, in that he would have been a target of all sorts of vile insults (lack of ambition and all that).

Then it came in between 10:15pm and 10:30pm… Özil is a Gunner. I died and I resurrected.

This is the best feeling I’ve experienced in my life as a Gooner ( we haven’t won trophies in a while, so if this it how it feels to get Özil then I’m praying for those shiny pieces of silverware). It of course reveals a bit of info on my age or how many years I’ve supported The Gunners. I mean, no disrespect to Santi Claus I was excited when he came but my head nearly blew up at Özil. Even the old gooners like Darren said he can’t remember an Arsenal signing brought such a worldwide buzz.

If you are not Arsenal fan and you are reading this, say you get on twitter and you want an easy way of recognizing a Gooner without reading bios and all the other ways, just look for the Umlaut it would give you a 90% accuracy.

A little digression for those who don’t know what the umlaut is. The “umlaut” is a mark put over a vowel sign in German to change the pronunciation. So when you see a name like Ökafor you know that is not in anyway a German name, we are just Arsenal fans identifying with our record signing Özil.


Mesut Ozil Bio and History
The Man: Mesut Ozil


So let’s get a little low down on who Özil is:

Full Name: Mesut Özil (still can’t believe I’m writing this)

Date of Birth: 15 October, 1988 (age 24)

Place of Birth: Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Height: 1.81m (around 5 ft 11 inches)

Playing Position: Attacking Mid-fielder

Nationality: German, Turkish

National Team: Germany

Clubs: Schalke, Werder Bremen, Real Madrid

He is a 3rd generation Turk but his parents moved to Germany. He is a practising Muslim. He grew up playing in “the monkey cage” where he honed his football playing skills and apparently results in his ability to wriggle out of tight spaces like Cazorla. Meaning, according to Jamie Redknapp, you won’t be able to dispossess him in a phone booth (at least he said this concerning Cazorla).

He really broke unto the world scene in 2010 in South Africa. Where a relatively young German team sought out and created an identity for themselves in that competition and Özil was one of those to rule the roost in South Africa as he dazzled the world and finished with the most assists (3) along with Müller, Schweinsteiger, Kaka and Kuyt.

Of course the football equivalent of animal poachers, Real Madrid could not resist adding Özil to their collection, I for one would have thought that he would be suppressed under but an Injury to the 2 week lasting world record signing Kaka meant he got a 1st team role and boy did he take it!! He relegated Mr. Kaka to the bench with wonderful performances and kept his shirt. One thing I really noticed about his years at Madrid was that when he arrived he was lean and smallish and when completing some of his dribbles look like he would break into pieces but never did. However he really added in flesh and in height and in presence.

Wenger spoke about him last season or 2 ago where he stated Arsenal matched Real’s offer to Werder Bremen but it boiled down to the player’s choice and well he said, “When the offer came in to join Real Madrid, there is no decision to make. He went on to say:

“Let’s be honest you don’t refuse this club. I was in no rush to leave Werder Bremen, but this is one club you say yes to…”

So to cut the long story short he chose Madrid ahead of The Gunners.

Well that decision is what has made his signing for Arsenal to become a new brand of Turkish Delight. So what does he bring to Arsenal. Hmmmn… where do I start?

Assists and Chances: over the past three years he is the highest chance creator and assist provider in Europe in a list that contains the top names in the highest echelons of creativity. Ahead of the likes of Messi (!!!), Fabregas, Mata etc

He has a proper left foot– this was also highlighted Podolski who was having a twitter conversation with Wilshere about how left-footed folk turn out to be the craziest set of footballers. You can check Podolski’s TL. However from what I’ve seen, he’s comfortable with both although not like Cazorla (seriously, who is?)

A footballing brain that can match Cazorla’s who is carrying most of our creative burden at the moment– one thing you will observe is that the famous Invincibles were all of kindred spirit especially when going forward. When a highly technical player comes to a club he needs to have at least one person who thinks on the same wavelength with him if not, he’ll look stupid when he makes some moves or his team-mates will waste the chances he creates and he will have to tune down. This is one reason why Cazorla last season talked fondly about Rosicky as a player he likes hen they are training. He felt he had the Spanish kindred fell about him, however what he meant by “Spanish” was “technical”.

Proper shot taker and he has presence– a lot of people say he’ll take time to adapt to the physicality just the same way they said Cazorla would. All things being perfect I expect the German to take to the premier league like a fish in water and ride challenges. Would also love to see him on a cold October night at Stoke.

Rumors are that Özil was offered to Arsenal and in fact a bid was accepted from Arsenal due to the fact that Perez had been active in moving goal posts whenever we were interested in signing a Madrid player (Higuain and Di Maria come to mind).

In summary he felt sorry for us and Arsene Wenger seemingly gave his best “puppy eyes” impression and it moved Perez to agreeing a fee with Arsenal for which he would not accept an offer from any other club for even though it was more than what we brought. If this is true then that’s a classy move and we are very, very fortunate. Although it was down to the player in the end. I mean you can take a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink.

If Özil said he wanted PSG or United, Perez’s hands would have been tied. Fortunately, he chose us. He stated that Wenger was a major factor in his decision making. Credit to the big man, even though he is renowned among we Gooners for making some unbelievably silly decisions and he is a first class ditherer he hasn’t lost his pull on the crème de la crème of footballers of whom Özil is among the topmost top.

Özil’s exit is a timely reminder how fast things can change in the football world. We are used to seeing last minute goals a la Chelsea vs Bayern in the Super Cup, but this summer in England two major turnarounds were experienced. First it was the new Chelsea signing, Willian. Who almost became a Liverpool player but it was hijacked on the way by Spurs who had completed or were in the process of completing a medical when he was snatched from the jaws of Arsenal’s shadow by Chelsea (who we are preparing their own spot in that shadow but I digress).

Then Özil. The week just before he signed for Arsenal he and Di Maria (who was apparently the more likely to sign) came out and pledged their careers to Madrid and Özil admitted to the fact that he wasn’t thinking of leaving but Mr. Ancelotti struck and he became ours. Someone reminded us that it was this same Ancelotti who sold Henry to Arsenal and then hilariously referred to him as an Arsenal fan. Safe to say that the Madrid fans are agitated at his sale. They constantly chanted, “Özil no se vende! (Özil is not for sale) during the unveiling of Gareth Bale. Their players have come out one after the other to express disappointment at his sale. Ramos, Arbeloa, Isco (his supposed replacement), Khedira and the big fish Cristiano Ronaldo (never thought he would ever complain at a players exit) are among those who have expressed displeasure.

According to a certain article, Özil was the one big link between both sides of the divide that is said to exist in the Madrid dressing room. He is loved by all. Stats say he has contributed 29 assists directly to Cristiano Ronaldo so we can see why he was quoted as saying, “I’m angry”. All the better for me as it is a confirmation to his superior ability and peacefulness in the dressing room.

I do feel a bit of pity for Bale, he has to prove himself quickly if not adversity will rise up quickly against him. Almost every post that is put up on Madrid’s official social media networks is followed not by comments of what is being shown but complaints about why Özil was let go. I have a feeling that when Bale starts playing for Madrid every time he gets the ball the fans will shout Özil.

Reports say that Özil is selling more shirts than Bale!!! Gooners all over are excited. A few other fans are excited for us. One particular set are the Barca fans who are happy that Madrid are now one very technical player less. One of my friends who is a Chelsea fan is pleased for me as he understands how it feels for a player you admire so much to move to your club just when you least expected it.

The rest are just being voyeurs.

They seem to enjoy seeing us languish and suffer and complain. Some are simply bitter and you know what? It makes me even happier because I’m tired of facing teams and they have no one to be scared of in Arsenal. I’m tired of them coming without any respect and spouting rubbish about how they can match us.

I want the headlines before a game be about how the other team should modify themselves tactically to cope with us rather than how we should modify ourselves to cope with them (although we still should). I mean Vorm of Swansea came out to say before we faced them after their triumph in the Capital One Cup that they were not afraid and some other nonsense. One thing was that he wasn’t even cautious about how he came out to release his statement and am I glad we showed them. So many more opposing players do it and it does my head in every single time.

This signing brought up some really ugly stories. I mean I know that sp*rs are the lowest set of life-forms we know but seriously how low they got in the wake of this transfer shocked me. First they refused to completely sign off Bale before the London derby as they knew there would be a domino effect.

Thumbs up to Daniel Levy because the funny thing is that if he had signed off the deal early enough we might have gotten Di Maria instead of Özil. But then after everything he tried to do we still came out tops. I mean, we beat them with the classic 1-nil to the Arsenal score line. We went on to get Madrid’s 2nd best player according to Fabregas, but what shocks me is the story that he still tried to stop the deal by calling Levy to pull the plug, I still won’t believe this story fully until there is some form of confirmation but if by any means its true then that poor form from Levy. Glad it failed.

Also Mourinho and how he pulled the plug on the BA loan despite the fact that he claimed that he and Wenger had put their past in their behinds and promised not to get in each others way again, I wonder what that action would do? Anyway, what matters is this, we have Mesweet Özil and nobody is going to take him from us. No one!

Thanks for Reading

Chukx D Gooner

You can follow me on twitter @chukxoka4

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