Arsenal FC News: Okay, So Now He Wants Afellay? And Other Stories

Afellay for Arsenal?
Oh shit! Arsenal really want me?

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So my plan was to wake up at 7am this morning to bring you the freshest and probably the most irritating piece of news yet. Unfortunately, we had a really cool buffet at church on Sunday and I dare-say it will take ‘weeks’ for all the food I downed yesterday to digest; besides, you know the drill: over-feed yourself-get drowsy-sleep and wake up late.
However, I was able to kick myself out of bed by 9am and after scrounging for news from all over the internet, I sifted through the lot and brought you these.

Rumours as usual abound to the fact that (and no, I am not beating a dead horse this time) RVP wants Afellay on our team. Don’t get me wrong, Afellay’s a pretty good mid-fielder and he’s got some experience playing for Barca and then we’ve never really had players come from Barca to us, we rather have players going from us to Barca – Henry, Cesc, Hleb… Afellay’s input would be useful.

However, I would not encourage one player to tie his decision to stay at or leave Arsenal with the signing of a specific player which, by the way, I believe is not the real issue behind RVP refusal to extend his contract. It would make us look like Chelsea where Lampard, JT and Terry have all the power.

The Partnership of Lucas Podolski, Oliver Giroud and Robin Van Persie
Lucas: Hmm…let’s get down to business, and I’m not smiling at all. 

Giroud: Will I look pretty in this picture?
Van Persie: I hope you can see me Man-City, I’m scoring goals plus I need to get that Lamborghini Aventador I saw at the fair yesterday, so come get me quick.


A three pronged attack like Barca? or a shuffling of player cards? I don’t know for sure. My hope is that for the one season when we still have RVP we can IF we land M’Vila or some other defensive player to support Song, play a bit like Barca. Uncle Wenger likes attacking football, Barca played the same under Pep, only that they are more cautious and had a defence far more sophisticated than ours.
This is my complaint about Uncle Wenger’s attractive attacking football. You cannot build something on nothing and expect it to stay there, it will collapse. We cannot boast of the kind of defence Barca has at it’s disposal an still we spend the money we don’t have much of on forwards and mid-fielders. Our choices of Lucas and Giroud are good buys but if we want to see the full potential of what we’ve bought up front in attack, we should focus now and in the January transfer window on our back-end.

Theo Walcott to Liverpool or Chelsea?
Yeah baby!


It seems after the stunts he pulled at the Euro 2012 games Theo is being chased by Liverpoolians and Chelsea, at least the rumours say so. Now, is baby Theo indispensable? Well, I would say, No. But then again, is he useful? I would say, Yes. If we can, let’s keep him, if we cannot, then… From the look of the news, it seems he wants to stay.
Sheik: Roberto honey, now that we are on the verge on stealing RVP away from Arsenal, who else can I slap my billion dollar wallet at?

Roberto Mancini: I think we can steal Niang from right under their noses, I love to see more ‘stress’ lines on Wenger’s face. ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!

These evil, evil men. Can we please abduct an oil baron to come buy Kroenke and the whole board? It’s bad enough that they enticed Clichy (who by the way had a really good season at Manchester-City), Nasri and Toure. Now it’s RVP and then Niang before we’ve even bought him! C’mon! It’s upsetting; really upsetting.

More Player Stealing News…

Should Arsene Wenger sell him now and risk destabilising the defense or invite judgement on Arsenal‘s contract policies at the end of next season. Football wages are so inflated at present that it’s the players who are in control of the situation.

Arsenal's New Captain?


Who would you like to see as your new captain this season?

Who Would You Like As New Captain For Arsenal?

Who Would You Like As New Captain For Arsenal?

  Current Results

Oxlade Chamberlain and Arsenal


Oxlade’s eye-catching displays at the Euro 2012 games leaves me in no doubt that the wee lads got a bright future with the club and with ‘Ol England. Nibble on his feet, pacey and strong, he’s what you’ll want in a winger. He reminds a bit of Frank Ribery who’s one of the best wingers in the world. Let’s hope that when he does improve and start to thoroughly shine, he doesn’t send us messages on his personal website explaining why “he’s kept silent” out of respect for the club and Wenger… (You know what I mean now, don’t you?)

The lad said in the news piece that he knows that he’s going to need to keep impressing Uncle Wenger and is excited to. The dude’s on full throttle men!
Full Story:

PS: Because I wrote this is the morning, I’m likely to update it. I like dropping one detailed post about Arsenal news, whatever else I might be posting on the same day might be about how to give your game style some “oomph!” or news about the others.

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RT @Arsenal: Henri Lansbury admits it was nice to pull on the Arsenal shirt again on Saturday –

Van Persie to report back: Robin van Persie returns to Arsenal on Monday following his summer break and Sky Spor…

RT @Arsenal: Carl Jenkinson says the entire Arsenal squad is excited about playing alongside Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud – 

Transfer update Van Persie to report back: Robin van Persie returns to Arsenal on Monday following his summer br… 

@arseblog Walcott leaving for Spurs or Chelsea?? What is he thinking of?
@timpayton @arseblog @arse2mouse Sell Theo now, big misstake giving him a new 100k contract. Average player & never going to be consistant.
@arseblog I’ll drive Walcott to Liverpool if he needs a lift??
@arseblog it’s simple, this is the deal Theo, you are worth this to us, if you don’t like it, there is the OUT door…..
Found the @arsenal training ground today! I choose to believe t @ Arsenal FC Training Centre, London Colney 

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Yours in football,

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