Arsenal News: Can We Get This Vow From A Certain Somebody?…

Van Der Vaart Stays
On my honour dudes…super glue to my ass at Spurs 
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I almost didn’t curate any news today. I was trying to gather all relevant rss feeds that spread the word about us…and then I bumped into this particular (pahr-ti-kiu-lar) piece of news that caused a tinge of bitterness in me ‘art (heart) –Van der Vaart vows Spurs stay
I don’t know if you understand the strength behind the word “vow”? A brief definition:

1. An earnest promise to perform a specified act or behave in a certain manner, especially a solemn promise to live and act in accordance with the rules of a religious order:
2. A declaration or assertion, to promise solemnly; pledge. 

And then I wished we could have that sort of allegiance from a certain somebody. You’ll probably bump into news about him on your way through this page. However, I congratulate Van der Vaart, even with rumours that his wife wanted to leave and interests from other clubs, he’s dug his foot in; it shows his strength of character, something he could teach a certain country-man of his.X( angry


What is RVP up to?
Y’all don’t know what’s coming…*Evil Grin* Greedy, Wanton, Despicable me.

I don’t know if it’s an act of desperation or lack of foresight but it’s been all over the rumour-sphere that our management intends for RVP to see out his contract with us. Is that a ploy to make him re-think his carefully hatched plan to leave us? Or worse still , do we intend to keep him so that he gets to leave on a free transfer? ‘cuz, I’m not getting it at all.:-/ confused

See, when you keep a player against his wishes, it tells on the quality of performances he’ll deliver. I believe we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot by keeping him and at the end get nothing from him on the pitch or in the bank. RVP’s sale can give us two good defenders or M’Villa and one defender, think about it Uncle Wenger.:-? thinking

The Week however takes on a different view from mine on this matter as they believe Arsenal want to punish RVP by keeping him till he’s 30 years old when no one would pay big money for him. One question though, will that be to our loss or gain? An old, unsettled and unhappy player won’t do us any good. My two cents.


Is Arsenal Taking A Gamble?
We’re going to be left naked if we don’t tie up deals or cash in on want-away players.
You know the symptoms of the “double-ender”, you lose body fluid both ways.  You heard me complaining about our impending loss of revenue from not selling RVP now. Well, seems we’re doing the same thing with baby Walcott

If we don’t sell him or renew his contract before he turns 24 and he chooses to bail out on us, we are supposed to get compensation for our “investment” in him. However, he turns 24 before his contract ends and we lose out on the compensation we would have received.  Please somebody ask Wenger and management what the plan is ? This is too risky a gamble.


Arsenal after Paulinho?

Rumour has it that we’re slapping a £9m transfer fee on the table for this dude. I’m curious to know what this lad can bring to the table. Looking at his stats.- 21 goals in 122 games, fantastic aerial ability, nerves of steel so much so that he snapped his dislocated knee back into place and continued playing (Wilshere could learn a thing or two from this lad)…
I think we could use this guy in DM if Uncle Wenger’s really serious about buying him. He’s got the height, the strength and tenacity and just maybe the skill. He’s playing AM for Corinthians though, what’s your take?


Vermaelen as Warrior
I’m trying my hardest not to laugh here…Ox! Stop pulling my knickers… 
My! Doesn’t Verm. look like something out of my Mortal Kombat video game? The video shows a terrible “facial” acting performance from Verm. He looked like he was being tickled and was trying very hard not to laugh,lol! Watch his face closely in the video below…

This, by the way, is what tough looks like… The guy ain’t playing.

Vermaelen as Warrior

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The Others…


Luiz Suarez 2013
Seriously, did I say that? I don’t even believe myself.
Personally, I think the dude wanted a piece of the action. I’m sure he figured since everyone seemed to be in the news, he could as well look for elbow room and force his way in. Here’s a small aside:

Luiz is lazily watching BBC Sports on his 65 inch Sony Smart Screen TV…
Luiz: (Thinking) Hmm…Everyone seems to be in the news these days. Rooney’s been said to understand only Scottish. Terry’s leaving the headlines bloody, RVP’s leaving Arsenal fans livid; A.Cole, The Ferdinand boys, Forlan even lil’ Andy are all splattering the pages of newspapers…I need to do something about this!

Maybe I should tell Brendan that I will leave Liverpool if they don’t pay me £300,000 a week after tax on income, petrol, water, electricity, decorating and clothing…. or, I could smash my Ferrari into Harrods and maybe claim I was actually sold one without brakes…Naaaah!

Aha! I could bring up that thing between me and Evra again and claim that Manchester United connived with the political powers that be to render my services to Liverpool useless. I figure I can say that I was framed and suspended so that I wouldn’t help Liverpool win the Championship and qualify for the UEFA Champions League… That would prove interesting!  Now, what was it that happened between me and Evra again…:-? thinking
Four first-team stars will travel to Nigeria to meet supporters and take part in activities with regional partners 

EXCELLENT NEWS: Sagna & Wilshere recovering well & although won’t make Arsenal’s Asia Tour, could be ready for start of season. (Telegraph)
RT @GoalUK: Lukas Podolski eyes success with his new club Arsenal, but admits title may be beyond them 
RT @BarclaysLeague: Podolski targets Arsenal title challenge: The 27-year-old Germany international moved to north London after leav… 
Off to check on some Arsenal news,then to sleep In sha Allah . Feeling a bit worn out today…so good night dear tweepsters.
Niang jadi trial ke spurs gak sih min? @IndoSpurs RT @DuniaSoccer: Arsenal Bujuk Niang, Man. City Menguntit

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Yours in football,

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