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Arsenal Will Struggle To Replace This Player Should He Leave And Here’s Why

There’s still no news about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract. Arsenal fans have every right to worried because Arsenal would not only lose a talisman, they’d lose a leader.

Has Arsenal decided to sell Aubameyang?

Has Arsenal decided to allow Aubameyang to run out his contract?

Has Arsenal decided to renew Aubameyang’s contract?

These are questions that have many Arsenal fans sitting on the edge of their seats. Everyone’s watching Twitter feeds and reading through the club’s official website. We’re hoping for positive news, and rightly so.

Aubameyang the Talisman

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a goal poacher, period.

It’s been ages since Arsenal had a striker close to the mould of Thierry Henry. The speed, the power, the finishing. The only things missing are the dribbling abilities and the sheer presence on the pitch.

In the last two years, Aubameyang has produced more than 40% of Arsenal’s goals. Only this season, Aubameyang has scored nearly double the goals of our entire strike-force put together.

Goal Poacher extra-ordinaire: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

This is not an Özil matter.

I mean, the playmaker was consistent for two seasons at the most. But Aubameyang has been consistent over three seasons. I believe he is a better gamble than Özil. You can see his willingness to fight, and though not having Thierry Henry’s presence, you can also see his desire to lead.

Aubameyang the Leader

We know that you know that Gabrielle Martinelli adores Aubameyang.

The younger strikers – Nketiah, Martinelli, Nelson even Pepe – look up to him. They look to learn from his experience on and off the pitch. The younger ones see the bond he’s formed with Lacazette, and I’m sure Arsenal fans hope Nketiah and Martinelli form that kind as well.

Lacazette…no, wait. I’m going somewhere here.

Lacazette is a real hard worker for the team. But, I believe that among our attacking players, Aubameyang puts in the most work after Lacazette.

He tracks back, tackles and encourages the younger players every chance he gets. You can’t put a price on that.

So, tell me, would you keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang if you were Arsenal?


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