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Stop Harassing Saka!+Is Madrid Set to Sink their Claws into our Star Man?

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The Kick-Off

  • Remember what I said in the last podcast about Westham? Call me Nostradamus
  • Some Arsenal fans blame Saka for the draw against Westham. For the life of me, I don’t know why.
  • Let’s see what’s cooking on social media about Arteta and Madrid

If you missed the last podcast, here it is:

The Game

For Bukayo Saka's Sake

If you listened to the last podcast – see the podcast above – you’d remember I said the boys shouldn’t strut into that game like it was already won. My friends on the Gunners Amigos WhatsApp group were going on, counting how many goals we needed to score. We were two nil up by this time.

I called for caution, just because.

And then it happened.

Call me Nostradamus but I had that uneasy feeling in my belly. I can understand our draw against Liverpool but I cannot understand the Westham debacle. We’ll need to learn to protect our leads. It’s a necessary component of champions.

Now, shame on you if you called for Saka’s head on Sunday. Just…shame.

This is not me lauding him for missing the penalty, this is me remembering that he’s a kid – c’mon! I near spanked him and Martinelli -virtually- when I heard they had girlfriends. These guys are still in diapers and they carry so much responsibility already.

Bukayo Saka Arsenal player; English footballer.
Just look at him, he's a baby!

I know this rarely happens but, do you hear Spurs throw their shining light – Harry Kane – under the bus when he craps all over the field, also known as, having a bad day at the office?

Even if they do/did, that’s Spurs, and we’re not them.

I know the draw seems like a loss, but let’s not make Saka a scapegoat because he missed a penalty and forget that the entire team contributed to the flaccid performance.

This is the time we need to get behind our boys, guys! Title or nah, get behind them!

We didn’t even think we’d be here last year. The goal was top 4, now I have adults throwing tantrums. Stop it!

Okay, I’m done venting, moving on…

Madrid want Mikel Arteta or so Rio says

Word has it that Arteta might leave for Madrid. Now, the rumour monger is Rio Ferdinand, who mentioned this on his show on YouTube. Man says there’s word on the streets. I find that hard to believe. I’d have given the rumour more credibility if it was Barca he was moving to.

Oh well…

Who would you like to see replace Arteta if that were to happen? Let me know in the comments.

Full Time

Arsenal on Blogs and Social Media

What’s on social and blogs?

  • If you want rumours, and we’ll promote only Arsenal web properties and neutral stuff, you should check out Daily Cannon.

    There’s stuff on there about Reiss Nelson holding the interest of AC Milan and Arsenal possibly signing Ryan Gravenberch buuuut, I actually hear Liverpool has tidied up that one. A good deal that, if it’s true.
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    Have a great week Gunners.

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