Arsenal v Southampton 2013

So I write this today having thought of the game we played against Besiktas in some sort of detail. We were kind of rubbish in the game I must admit, but there were positives.

We kept a clean sheet…and not much else.

On the other hand there were a lot of negatives: Santi was poor, Giroud was poorer, Ramsey got a red card effectively cutting us off at the knees, Aterta came off injured which is really worrying and our overall game wasn’t very good, so it does make you worry ahead of a visit to Goodison park—the same place where we got a good hiding last season. The memory is still fresh as the game was some three months ago, so you can imagine that I am frankly worried.

But I don’t think this should remove from the good work we’ve done over the summer. I feel we bought some good players and I’m pretty sure we’ll get at least one more before the window closes, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

We can look to next week with some confidence though, we know that Arsene has so far never failed to get us into the champions league, the pitch at the Emirates is way better than the one in Turkey, we will have our Germans back and we’ll have had yet another week of preparation so hopefully we’ll be more fluent in our play. With that being said, I fully expect us to triumph next week.

Now, there’s something I saw on Monday and it upset me a bit.

You know how it is when your mate has just suffered a break-up and you try to console him and do everything you can to make him feel better then he finds a new girlfriend who’s better than the first and your mate is happy and suddenly his ex-girlfriend comes back and stands on his porch begging him to take her back and he doesn’t and then this guy he hates starts to date his ex-girlfriend and suddenly your mate goes bat shit crazy and is suddenly comparing his new girlfriend to his old one and insinuating that his ex is hotter and better than his current girlfriend? *takes deep breath*

You know how that is?

Well that’s exactly how some fans were behaving when they saw Cesc in a Chelsea jersey.

Now I watched that game and I saw Cesc’s assist and his all round game which was very good and it felt weird seeing him in a blue jersey, but you go on twitter and it’s bedlam. People were seriously losing their shit blaming Arsene and cursing him for not bringing Cesc back and saying Ozil isn’t any good and so on.

This upset me a lot—a whole lot.

Firstly it was just sad to watch, secondly it was juvenile, thirdly it was sad and juvenile.

Cesc is a Chelsea player now and in no way is he related to us, in the words of Gotye “Now he’s just somebody that we used to know.

I was all for having him back in the summer, but on the other hand I also understood Arsene’s reasons for not bringing him back. My real worry over the summer was simple: were we going to get any players that would make us better? My philosophy all summer was that as long as Arsenal did the business they needed to do, then there is no need to worry over Cesc being anywhere else.

We’ve done some good stuff over the summer, we still need to do more in my opinion, but credit where it is due people!

And suddenly people are saying Ozil is no good?

Arsenal fans for that matter!

If I heard this from pool or the chavs or the Spuds or the Mancs, I’d say it was just hate and jealousy, but from our own fans?…it was really sad.

Objectively speaking, they say you can never have too many good players, but on the other hand, when we have all these good players, we also have a responsibility to make them happy, and if Cesc was here someone else was going to suffer. Was that player going to be Ramsey who is quite similar to Cesc? Or to Ozil whom we’d before now trusted implicitly to lead the team in attack? Or was it Santi who is growing old but already has potential successors?

Who was it going to be I ask?

I remember asking this question on twitter and some of the answers I got were:

1)     He should play the false 9 position

2)     He should be shunted to the wing to play Cazorla’s position

3)     He should play alongside Ramsey as a pivot

4)     He should play from the middle and shunt Ozil to the wing

Those were the major ones. Now I won’t even bother tackling the first as I just feel that’s silly. The second is equally stupid because when you consider that Cesc played in that position a lot at Barcelona and was one of the reasons for his decline it makes you wonder at how some fans think.

The third while viable isn’t great as it would be curbing the attacking instincts of Ramsey and Fabregas himself. Then it brings the other problem; won’t we still complain that we don’t have that ‘powerhouse’ midfield general?

And then there is the fourth. We got Ozil for two reasons, the first is to work with Arsene, the second is because of the trust that was to be placed in him. That’s exactly what Arsene did, he trusted Ozil and still does. The coming of Fabregas undermines that and it would never have worked well.

I could be wrong, but those are just some of the problems that could have arisen with the return of Fabregas. He left us. Let’s all remember that; he left us.

He broke up with us, we moved on, but if we lose our shit the moment he comes back then maybe we haven’t really moved on. We won a trophy in Ozil’s first season, let’s note that too and he is a world cup winner and the team is way more rounded with him around.

Now here’s something I just thought of. We have Aterta injured, Mertesacker is back and for the last three games, Chambers has been our best player. With his calmness in possession, his height, physique and the fact that he’d been trained that way, I really think he could play as our most defensive midfielder.

You also want to take into consideration  his form in the last three games, if Mertesacker returns for Everton, it’ll be really cruel if Chambers then gets relegated to the bench. With each game the lad plays, he’ll grow in confidence and I feel the injury to Aterta would be a perfect opportunity to use him there. Naturally I’d prefer we actually buy a defensive minded midfielder, but if we don’t I think Chambers could do a great job there.

That’s all I’ve got for today. See you next week, hopefully with another win under our belts.

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