Sports Satire, Arsenal Story

Chronicles of The Cannon Season 2 Act 4: An Arsenal FC Satire

260px-Gabriel_Metsu_-_Man_Writing_a_LetterAnd it came to pass that I, Monsieur Spruce, Chancellor of the Order of the Cannon, had been bereaved.

My brother who spake unto King Pete so that I was conferred mine present title passed away in the fifteenth year of the reign of the Duke of Ashburtonshire; in mine sadness, I failed to write the Chronicles of the Cannon. Notwithstanding, I am now with pen and scroll and I write…



Somewhere along the plains of Finsbury lay the Barony of NLIR; the Baron of NLIR and his Baroness walked the grounds of  their grande estate having a tet-a-tet…

Baroness of NLIR: My love…

Baron of NLIR: Yes, my dearest?

Baroness of NLIR: When I am with child, may we christen the child Chips? Ye know-est it may-est inspire-th the King to look-eth upon the child with favour, the child may-est even become the King or Queen of our kingdom Arsenalia.

The Baron of NLIR after some deep thought…

Baron NLIR: Hmm… My dearest, I think-est not. My heir may get ridiculed by his or her peers; they might think him/her a lesser Chippery, a part of Charlie and the Chocolate Chip gypsy circus or a chipmunk even! Nay! It is never a good thought to thrust crispiness upon our future heir.

 That’s when they heard it, the battle cry and the great bell of the Cathedral…

The Town Crier: The Nomads of Norwich are approaching! Let the weak stay away! Take your wives and children in! The Duke and his Knights bound to protect us are readied at Enfield Valley! God save the King!!!

And so it was, that Wenger Duke of Ashburtonshire came, he and all his Knights, against the Nomads of Norwich. Lord Wilshere struck the first blow, a combination of stealth and precision by the cavalry…

*Don’t ask me how they figured out what the other was saying, I knoweth not*

Lord Santi: *In Spanish* Verter en los soldados de a pie Wilshere Señor! (Run into the foot soldiers Lord Wilshere!)

Lord Oz: *In German* Wirf mir den Dolch, wird Herr Wilshere davon haben müssen, um den Kern der Nomadic Norwich discomfit (Throw me the dagger, Lord Wilshere will have need of it to discomfit the Nomadic core of Norwich!)

Lord Santi: *In Spanish* Aquí! Wilshere! Huelga! Déjalo que no! (Here! Wilshere! Strike! Drop-eth it not!)

Lord Wilshere: Aye! Gladly! Hiaaaaaaa!!!

Lord Oz: *In German* Ich habe unten eine andere geschlagen! (Ye! I’ve struck down another!)

And the Knights on foot, Lord Per, Lord Gibbs, Lord Sagna, Lord Kosc and Lord Wojciech failed to see a blow coming from behind. Alas! Lord Flamini suffered a deep cut and was taken to the infirmary…

Duke Wenger: Knights! Regroup!

So, the Duke’s men regrouped and Lord Ramsey moved in even as Lord Rosicky took Lord Santi’s place. And the Nomads were broken and all their men of war fled by day by the way of the Hills of the Seven Sisters. The army of Arsenalia led by Lord Ramsey and Lord Oz pursued after the Nomads up to the plains of Dalston and all the Norwich army was scattered before them. Victory.


Chronicles of the Cannon


Meanwhile, somewhere in Old Trafforshire…

Judas-is-Van-Purse-strings was in the field with balding Roo, yokes tied to their necks as they pulled  the farm plough with Moisty Moyes and the rest on the Henchmen of Old Traffordshire sitting atop. And Judas-is-Van-Purse-strings pulling the heavy plough, sweating and cursing under his breath, he reminisced…

*Duke Wenger running after the then Lord Robin Van Persie*

Duke Wenger: Robin, wait!

*Robin did not so much as look back*

Lord Robin Van Persie: Let me alone Duke! I like-th  not the way Arsenalia is ruled! King Pete is toothless! The Bishop Ivan is an idiot! And you? You live in a fool’s paradise!

Duke Wenger: *In the softest voice possible* Robin, remember when I stood by you even while you lay sick and unable to fight in the infirmary? Remember how I taught you to believeth in thyself once more? and you leaveth me now? Robin, Robin, why hast thou forsaken me?

Lord Robin Van Persie: The little boy inside me has made his choice; I’m leaving with the Sorcerer Ferguman, he has offered me more gold than you. Goodbye.

Sorcerer Ferguman: Muahahahahaha!!!….


Judas-is-Van-Purse-strings was jolted back to reality by the sting of the whip upon his back. He felt it again. *Crack* *Crack*

Moisty Moyes: Get on with it! You’ve still got five more years of ploughing to do…

And then he ploughed on, sweating, with Roo and regret.


Duke Wenger: Knights of Arsenalia, well done. Ye shewed true loyalty to the noblemen of Arsenalia by fighting to the death to protect and defend her.And now, we can sleep in peace as one more province is defeated and…

Esquire Afobe runs in

Esquire Afobe: The Dortmundians are approaching, led by Klop!

Duke Wenger: When do they arrive?

Esquire Afobe: At sunset of the ‘morrow

Lord Giroud: S*!t

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