Arsenal Will Struggle To Replace This Player Should He Leave And Here’s Why

Aubameyang 19 Arsenal

There’s still no news about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s contract. Arsenal fans have every right to worried because Arsenal would not only lose a talisman, they’d lose a leader. Has Arsenal decided to sell Aubameyang? Has Arsenal decided to allow Aubameyang to run out his contract? Has Arsenal decided to renew Aubameyang’s contract? These are questions that … Read more

An Interesting English Player Purchase

I’ve always looked for ways to marry my profession and work experience with football. On the one hand, I’m working towards becoming a football agent and negotiator a’la Sanllehi; my training as a lawyer would do me well here. On the other hand, I’m using some of the skills I learned from investment bankers, venture … Read more

What Should Arsenal Fans Expect From This Transfer Window?

Ivan Gazidis leaves Arsenal FC

Arsenal Fans, I Had A Dream, A Very Weird Dream. I had the weirdest dream last night. I was with the crew from 90mins and we were arguing about the best Premier League kits and adverts. Obviously, I was wearing the new Arsenal home kit and making my point about how amazing it was. Then … Read more

Crystal Palace v Arsenal: Our Defense Needs Tightening (Video)

I doubt if there’s been any game this season where two penalties were given in each half of a single game. Again, we’ve conceded just as many goals as Crystal Palace and, Sp*rs will most likely win their next game.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#bc090b” link_color=”#d00607″ margin=”10″] It’s easier said than done: ‘Tighten up the defence’, ‘The defence … Read more

Ex-Arsenal Player Says Arsene Wenger Linked To Bayern

Although he left us frustrated many, many times, Arsene remains dear to the heart of every true Gunner. If that isn’t the case with you, then you probably aren’t a Gunner in the first place; get mad if you like, I said it.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#e10115″ link_color=”#d00607″ margin=”10″] Hayters TV interviewed Alexandre Hleb yesterday, and he … Read more

Crystal v Arsenal: Before the Game on Sunday

Crystal Palace have lost their last three games. Everton, Watford and Bournemouth have all sunk the South London club and Palace lie in 15th place on the Premier League table.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#e10115″ link_color=”#d00607″ margin=”10″] Playing at Selhurst Park isn’t always a breeze. The small stadium, the brazen crowd and the sheer size of Christian Benteke … Read more