UCL Preview: Gunners Stand And Fight For The Shire!

Today the rest of the footballing world expects us to get our arses kicked when the Shadow mercenaries from Mount Catalonia at the edge of middle earth, attack our home, the phenomenally beautiful and ever peaceful Shire (Emirates stadium). After our lackluster display over the weekend where we were unable to mount proper attacks — … Read more

The Curious Case Of Chamberlain: The Boy We Thought Could Play Football

A flashy car with an inadequate engine and terrible navigation system. This is Chamberlain to me. Read on to understand the reason for this comparison. In an alternate reality, Chamberlain is nominated for the Ballon d’ Or. This would make the third consecutive year he’s been nominated, having won the previous two. After helping Arsenal … Read more

Arsenal’s victories: A dreamer’s dream

This can not be happening, I mean, it shouldn’t be happening. The last few weeks of football for Arsenal fans around the world is surely something that would be likened to a dreamer’s dream. It’s almost as if there has been an election in the footballing heavens, and the newly elected cabinet consists 60% of … Read more

Angry Gooner: An unusual match reporter

I have found it quite difficult to write about the Arsenal lately because inspiration hasn’t been forthcoming. I begin to think that maybe I’ve offended the creative gods by maybe having a roll in the hay with a fair maiden they’ve been keeping for themselves. Oh well, I’ll have to make do with what logic … Read more