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We played well, worked hard, but were extremely lucky that our repeated mistake didn’t cost us.

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I’ve always complained about us playing the high lineĀ at the back especially when we have defenders who aren’t that quick. Admitted, we didn’t have Per on there and had much quicker defenders in Monreal, Mustafi and Koscielny, but we nearly paid dearly with Fabregas’ pass to Pedro. Jesus took the wheel.

You might argue that this sort of play is necessary when you play a pressing game, something the team did quite beautifully, but, while this may be true, you need your defenders alert and no lapse in concentration. There was a lapse, and, Fabregas and Pedro took advantage.

Moving on. Rambo was a beauty in this game. Might be playing for a come-pick-me-up from Barca or Madrid…

That’s the whinny Arsenal fan in me talking now. Enjoy the moment.

Our midfield was pretty good, with Iwobi seeming to grow into Ozil’s position somewhat. Xhaka seemed more defensively aware in this game and nearly scored from someway out after the Chelsea defence ‘parted the red sea’ for him to shoot. Bellerin practically owned Alonso down the right wing, speeding past him like a bullet from Roger Moore’s revolver.

Kolasinac = Beast Mode.

The player he seems to replicate in strength is Tony Adams or is it Viera now…?

Welbeck missed a chance to score and it seems he’ll be out for six games. Lacazette missed a sitter and Mustafi got a goal cancelled as offside. Someone mentioned that he didn’t pay above face-value for his Arsenal ticket from Footballticketpad.com to watch that kind of miss from Lacazette and Welbz; for the kind of money he paid, the lads should be smashing things in. Bro, give the guys some time will ya?

We did well but need to be wary and alert when we decide to play the high line.

And for those thinking that Alexis Sanchez was making a joke to David Ospina about Lacazette missing a sitter, I think you all should just give the guy a break. I looked at the replay a couple of times and I do doubt that he was laughing at our misfortune or whatever it was you say he was laughing about.